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Discover World Music: 10 New Songs From Across The Globe

Nadedja new songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Nadedja, Quinja, Ally Ahern, BoBo and more.

1. Mark Balet – Bad Gyal

American singer and songwriter Mark Balet drops a Reggae/Dancehall and Afropop blended tune named “Bad Gyal”. His exposure to different worlds and backgrounds influenced his distinct style of music composition. This genre-defying new song is a flawless means of edifying Balet’s musical ingenuity and creativity. “Bad Gyal” is a groovy anthem suitable for your party vibes. 

2. Koolkidrockwell – BADDIE

Exhilarated by the characteristics of a love interest, “Baddie” is a hip-hop/drill single that highlights a love-themed proposition. The insouciant tune features a hip-hop/drill influenced beat which adds a depth of flavor with immersive flavor. Penned with inspiration from a sample of 50 Cent’s “21 Questions”, the tune is a true definition of urban hip-hop music. 

3. Ally Ahern – SIRENS

American musical gem Ally Ahern invites listeners on an elegant auditory journey with the newest single “Sirens”. Starting with warm and intimate vocals which spiral into a striking soulful note right before the beguiling chorus, the pop anthem is exclusively intoxicating. Released after the previous single “Staircrazy Slaphappy”, the new anthem reviews the journey toward healing from negative experiences. 

4. Nadedja – Holographic Sickening Love

British music artiste Nadedja releases the new alternative pop tune titled “Holographic Sickening Love” which showcases her enchanting and beautiful vocals blended with well-crafted beats and exquisite rhythmics. Regarding what the single entails, Nadedja explains: “I guess it all comes down to that fascinating, irresistible and addictive feeling of taking a risk every time you open your heart to someone new. I’ve been trying to capture the electrifying danger of loving, especially when you’re young.

5. R3HAB x Amy Shark – Sway My Way

(Fadil El Ghoul) teams up with Australian singer-songwriter Amy Shark to generate an electronic pop-inspired tune labeled “Sway My Way”.  A brilliant alteration from the familiar dance and high-spirited features to a more laid-back mood with dreamy soundscapes, the single highlights the multifacetedness of R3HAB’s artistry.

6. BoBo – Color TV

Swedish singer, songwriter and music producer BoBo drops a new melodic pop piece titled “Color TV”. Encompassing traits of 80s music, the single gives listeners an idea of what to expect in BoBo’s upcoming EP. Regarding the inspiration behind the tune, he adds: “The whole idea of the song came up when I was playing around with a few samples. I had this line in my head ”it’s like I never seen color TV. And then when I got into the process of working on the song I googled when the first Color TV was released, which was 1953. I thought that the rhyme of TV and fifty-three sounded cool and so I made up the story: I’m stuck in a 1953 ”colorless and gray” mindset, a time that I don’t belong to, until this one person comes into your life, drags you out of it and sets a big color pallet on your life.

7. Lushworld – Losing You

Dynamic Swedish artiste Lushworld returns with an electronic pop chant that features luscious light drum and bass characteristics. The track showcases an apt vocal delivery by Swedish singer Amanda Björkholm. In anticipation of the upcoming EP, the single gives listeners a preview of what to expect in the unreleased project.

8. Nother x Moon Leap – US

Italian composer, drummer and music producer collaborates with Italian singer and songwriter Moon Leap on the latest hypnotic track “US”. With a love-themed feature and alluring synths, the Electronic pop tune highlights Moon Leap’s deep-rooted elegance with her beautiful vocal delivery. “US” is from Abyond Music Records and an impeccable annexation to your urban playlists.

9. Vincent Bugozi – TINGA TINGA

Vincent Bugozi is a London-based musical artiste from Tanzania. He brilliantly incorporates elements of his native culture into luscious productions and the new tune “Tinga Tinga” is a splendid illustration. The light and vibrant tune is filled with epic instrumentation and captivating strikes of the saxophone. Vincent Bugozi beckons the listener to his colorful world with this latest generation.

10. Quinja – Majestic (The Remix)

Los Angeles-based female rapper Quinja drops the remix of the track “Majestic” from record label Miss Poetic Prodigy Ventures. You will easily find yourself bouncing along to the smooth and exciting track which incorporates traits of Afrobeats, Afropop and hip-hop into a timeless and lovable gem.

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