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Kbrizzy and Phanas Feature JoyRukanza on Album Lead Single “Rubies And Diamonds”

Kbrizzy, Phanas and JoyRukanza

Kbrizzy and Phanas release the official lead single “Rubies and Diamonds” which is an extract from their highly anticipated joint album WWNBL (When We’re Not Being Lazy).

“Rubies and Diamonds” is an alternative genre that combines hip-hop, amapiano, and some kwaito accents. It is a song that narrates the manifestation of a good life, one filled with luxury and comfort. The song’s message is one that appeals to all audiences as it can also be interpreted to allude to metaphorical rubies and diamonds, which in this case include peace, love, and healthy relationships. The two long-time collaborators also featured JoyRukanza whose appealing vocal melodies solidify the song’s theme.

When asked about this project, Kbrizzy and Phanas had the following to say. Phanas: “I think from my catalog, this is my favorite song, and that’s very special to me. Rubies and diamonds are precious stones and the song portrays us dreaming of these stones and lavish life which I would like to believe is everyone’s dream. From the production side, I think what inspired the song project was the vision I had of fusing a few genres and creating a unique sound with add a little bit of AmaPiano sauce to it since it’s the current sound that a lot of people like and that we love as well. Whoever listens to the song has to feel inspired and motivated to work hard and not be afraid to dream of living a good life because at the end of the day I think it’s the goals we set that determine our future.

Kbrizzy, Phanas and JoyRukanza

Kbrizzy: “I am excited about the direction of the new sound we are working with, with every project I try to push myself to do something different sonically. I haven’t released any music in four years hence this is a very special moment for myself and my fans who have been long awaiting this moment“.

Featured artist JoyRukanza said, “I am honored to have been looped into this amazing project by my brothers. I enjoyed every process of making it – we made this song with so much love and were laughing and enjoying ourselves throughout the process and it is my hope that you get to feel the same sentiments while listening to the record.

Stream “Rubies And Diamonds” below:

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!



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