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20 African Music Festivals You Should Attend

African Music Festivals You Should Attend

Africa is a continent rich in cultural diversity, and its music festivals are a testament to this vibrant heritage. From the rhythms of traditional drumming to the beats of modern Afro-pop. It is home to some of the most extraordinary music festivals in the world.

From the rhythmic beats of West African drums to the soulful melodies of South African jazz, these festivals offer an immersive experience that will leave you captivated. 

Here are 20 African music festivals you should consider attending to witness the magic of Africa’s musical tapestry.

1. Festival au Désert (Festival in the Desert), Mali

The Festival au Désert, a vibrant homage to Tuareg and Saharan musical traditions, unfolds against the stunning backdrop near Timbuktu. This captivating event seamlessly weaves together the rich tapestry of ancient melodies and modern rhythms, offering an unforgettable fusion of both time-honored and cutting-edge performances.

2. Bole Festival, Nigeria

Bole Festival, Nigeria’s largest food-meet-fun extravaganza, transcends mere culinary delight. This grand celebration unites food lovers from diverse corners, converging to pay homage to the cherished street food – Bole. Beyond its tantalizing flavors, the festival serves as a cultural conduit, honoring this savory tradition and fostering connections among passionate food enthusiasts.

3. Afrikaburn, South Africa

Not just a music festival, Afrikaburn emerges as a crucible of creativity within the arid embrace of Tankwa Karoo desert. It’s a symphony of art, music, and immersive encounters. Here, visionary installations breathe life into the barren canvas, harmonizing with eclectic melodies, crafting an unparalleled tapestry of multisensory exploration.

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4. AFROFEST, Toronto

AFROFEST brings African heritage to life in Toronto’s diverse culture. Situated in a global melting pot, it blends rhythm and tradition, showcasing African music and culture to create an inclusive celebration of unity.

5. Felabration, Nigeria

Honoring the legendary Nigerian Afrobeat artiste Fela Kuti, the Felabration festival in Lagos becomes a vibrant tribute to Afrobeat and the profound influence of Fela’s music and advocacy. It transcends entertainment, morphing into a dynamic commemoration of cultural resonance and social change driven by Fela’s enduring legacy.

6. Afro Nation, Portugal

Afro Nation, born in 2019 in Portimão, Portugal, surges with the pulsating rhythms of Afrobeats while embracing a tapestry of genres like Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, and more. This harmonious convergence draws a constellation of stars like Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Megan Thee Stallion, creating an explosive celebration that transcends borders and unites hearts in the universal language of music.

7. Afrobeats Festival, Berlin

The Afrobeats Festival is an energetic event that honors African music. It takes place in Berlin in August. The festival is lively and includes carefully selected music, cultural presentations, discussions, and an exhibition of African art. Renowned artistes such as Asake, Masego, P-Square, Seyi Vibez, and Runtown have performed there. It continues to be a central place for Afro-influenced entertainment in Germany.

8. Afro Future, Ghana

Previously known as Afrochella, AfroFuture amplifies Ghana’s December cultural landscape. This jubilant celebration not only reverberates with music but also serves as an art gala. Orchestrated by Culture Management Group, it has showcased luminaries like Asake, Ayra Starr, Rema, Black Sherif, and the magnetic Burna Boy, crafting an immersive symphony where melodies interlace with colors and creativity flourishes.

9. Asa Baako Festival, Ghana

The Asa Baako music festival creates a lively mix of experiences. In addition to live music and parties, it features open-mic sessions, surfing, BBQs, tours, yoga, engaging games, talks, and a range of activities like beach sports and boat trips, all leading up to the iconic Jungle Party. This fusion offers both fun and enrichment.

10. Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA), Zimbabwe

The Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) brings together music, dance, theater, and visual arts in a diverse celebration. It showcases African and global creativity, becoming a cultural crossroads where artistic expressions unite to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Harare International Festival of the Arts

11. Rocking the Daisies, South Africa

Nestled in the Western Cape, Rocking the Daisies isn’t just a multi-genre music fest – it’s a sprawling canvas of live performances that come alive alongside captivating art installations. This eco-conscious event goes beyond entertainment, integrating sustainable initiatives that underscore its commitment to both music and the planet.

12. Gnaoua World Music Festival, Morocco

Resonating through the historic streets of Essaouira, this festival pays homage to Gnaoua music’s spiritual depth. It’s more than a musical celebration – it’s a harmonious marriage of ancestral rhythms and modern melodies. By intertwining the threads of tradition and innovation, the festival becomes a captivating tapestry that echoes Gnaoua’s timeless significance.

13. Lake Turkana Cultural Festival, Kenya

By Lake Turkana’s shores, the Lake Turkana Cultural Festival brings the region’s cultural diversity to life. It’s not just a display; it’s an immersive celebration resonating with various communities’ harmonious music, dance, and traditions, uniting in joy and shared identity.

Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

14. Aswan International Festival of Art and Culture, Egypt

Set by the Nile River, the Aswan International Festival of Art and Culture shines on Nubia’s culture. It’s a captivating journey of music, dance, and art that unveils Nubia’s rich heritage. The festival weaves history, art, and tradition into a vibrant celebration.

Aswan International Festival of Art and Culture

15. Festival Timitar, Morocco

Set within Agadir’s embrace, the Festival Timitar pulsates with the spirit of Amazigh (Berber) culture. Amid its enchanting atmosphere, a seamless blend of ancient traditions and contemporary tunes springs to life, echoing the core of Amazigh heritage. This event serves as a bridge across time, uniting history and modernity in a captivating revelry.

16. Blankets and Wine, Kenya

Blankets and Wine, a quarterly music festival, captures the essence of Nairobi’s rhythm. Here, a diverse blend of live music, fashion, art, and mouthwatering cuisine harmoniously intertwines, set against the backdrop of an inviting outdoor space. This event weaves a rich tapestry where cultural elements seamlessly merge, crafting a wholesome experience that both soothes the senses and fosters creativity.

17. Nyege Nyege Festival, Uganda

Renowned for its emphasis on electronic music and underground sounds, the Nyege Nyege Festival finds its home on the tranquil shores of the Nile River. As the rhythms of modernity meld with the timeless flow of the Nile, a pulsating energy envelops attendees in a sensory journey that resonates with both the beats of the present and the spirit of the ancient river.

18. JazzKif, Democratic Republic of Congo

Located in Kinshasa, this vibrant jazz festival pays tribute to the city’s musical legacy while showcasing a blend of local and international talents. As the melodies resonate through the heart of the city, the JazzKif festival becomes a captivating crossroads where cultures intertwine, celebrating the universal language of music.


19. Festival International Nuits d’Afrique, Canada

While situated in Montreal, the Festival International Nuits d’Afrique resonates with the vibrant rhythms of Africa and the Afro-Caribbean. It brings a global lens to African musical traditions, uniting diverse cultures in harmonious celebration. Despite its location, the festival becomes a crossroads where continents converge, honoring the rich tapestry of African melodies.

20. Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, Morocco

Beyond a conventional music festival, the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music is a captivating mosaic of sacred melodies. It resonates with Sufi, Gnawa, and classical performances that span the globe. This unique blend of spiritual expressions transcends borders, enveloping attendees in a harmonious tapestry of reverence and artistic excellence.

Fez Festival of World Sacred Music



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