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Meet The Compozers: Unsung Heroes of the Afrobeats Genre

The Compozers

With their exceptional talent, the Compozers have added zest to numerous musical projects and stages over the years. Let’s delve into a brief overview of these musical virtuosos.

You might have encountered them on several occasions, as they are frequently discussed in Afrobeats circles. They’ve collaborated with numerous Afrobeats artists on various platforms, from Diamond Platinumz to Davido, and have shared the stage with Asake on multiple occasions, most notably during his recent O2 show. Allow me to introduce you to the remarkable Compozers band.

The Compozers, a quartet of British-Ghanaian instrumentalists, consist of Stephen Asamoah-Duah on drums, Nana Ntorinkansah on the bass guitar, David Ohene-Akrasi on keytar, and Charlie Mensah-Bonsu on the keyboard. They embarked on their musical journey nearly a decade ago and have consistently maintained their strong momentum in recent times.

The band is known for pioneering the concept of a full African instrumental ensemble, making them the first recognized group of their kind. The band’s origins trace back over a decade when they were experimenting with and reimagining musical renditions before formalizing their group.

One of their notable achievements is the annual show “A Night with The Compozers,” which premiered in 2013. The event initially attracted around 300 attendees, and its immense success prompted them to host a larger 2000-capacity concert the following year. This event has since become iconic, leading to multiple tours across Europe and America. The Compozers also earned recognition as the in-house band for “The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan” on the UK’s Channel 4.

Beyond their role as an instrumental band, the Compozers have ventured into producing their own music. They debuted as musical artists with “Born You Well” in 2018 and have collaborated with prominent names such as Mr. Eazi and Nonso Amadi. Their impressive streaming numbers and fanbase are a testament to their musical prowess.

Additionally, they’ve extended their talents to production, earning credits for artists like Ed Sheeran, and Koffee, and notably contributing to J Hus’ debut album, “Common Sense”.

Their significant entry into the Afrobeats community came through multiple collaborations with Davido. Their initial collaboration was at a show in 2014, which marked the beginning of their enduring relationship with Davido and the broader Afrobeats genre. They have served as a backbone for acts like Tiwa Savage, Diamond Platinumz, Asake, and Sarkodie, lending their impeccable touch to these artists’ major shows.

What stands out most in their journey, aside from pioneering an unfamiliar style within the African music scene, is their ability to stay united over the years. Remarkably, they have maintained their bond as a band for an impressive 15 years. Throughout the world, including Africa, we have witnessed the rise and fall of various musical groups, with many struggling to maintain cohesion. However, the Compozers’ unique story has defied these odds and changed the narrative.

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, where collaborations come and go, and bands often face challenges in maintaining their unity, the Compozers stand as a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and unwavering camaraderie. Their journey, from humble beginnings to becoming pioneers in their own right, showcases not only their musical brilliance but also their unbreakable bond.

With each note they play and every stage they grace, the Compozers remind us that true artistry knows no boundaries and that the magic of music is most enchanting when shared among kindred spirits. As they continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of Afrobeats and beyond, the legacy of the Compozers will forever resonate as a symphony of talent, friendship, and the enduring pursuit of musical excellence.


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