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TalkMediaGhana founder, Francis Amissah lands Feature in UK-based Magazine, Kade Culture

Francis Amissah

TalkMediaGhana CEO, Francis ‘Banks’ Amissah has scored yet another feature in an international magazine for the third time in 2019! This time around, another UK based magazine, Kade Culture – a creative digital publication for millennials, spent time with Francis to unravel more about his journey and other extras. Purchase here:

To set the ball rolling, Francis was asked to summarize the journey so far in building his prized jewel, TalkMediaGhana. ”Frustrating”, he replied,” …yet satisfying. ‘Good things don’t come easy’, they say and my journey so far is a testimony to that fact”, he added.

When quizzed about the ‘best memorable experience’ of his journey and when he felt ‘most confident’, the young budding entrepreneur without hesitation responded to the former: ”The day I officially launched TalkMediaGhana”. With regard to the latter, he countered, ”Whenever I achieve something, I set out to do, or anytime someone acknowledges my work”.

Concerning what kept him ‘motivated’, Francis (with a rush of excitement of course) exclaimed, ”TalkMediaGhana gets me pumped”. The questions didn’t end there. Francis was asked who his ‘role model’ was and in his very own words: ”… Coptic stands out for me because of how close we are. He’s a father figure and I’ve really learnt a lot from him”. About his biggest lesson of 2019? ”It pays to be patient” was his answer. Moving forward, Kade Culture decided to lighten things up a bit and asked the TalkMediaGhana boss if he was on Santa’s list – were you naughty or nice in the year gone? After a burst of laughter, Francis confidently followed saying, ”I think I’d be number one on that list. I’ve been nice all year round and Santa knows”.

Finally, when it was time to wrap things up, the outlet wanted to know what Francis was ‘most looking forward’ to in 2020. ”Big things regarding my brand. But most importantly, the gift of life, good health, ample strength and God’s endless favor upon me and my loved ones”, he concluded.

Francis ‘Banks’ Amissah is great at what he does – making the unknown know and it is only fair to admit he has become a household name in the Ghanaian blogging sphere lately. Kindly check him out on his portfolio website: There, you would be greeted to his Electronic Press Kit (EPK), clientele and a detailed biography! Please do well to also visit for constant news updates on anything afro-entertainment!

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