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Discover World Music: 20 New Songs From Across The Globe

Jozem new songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Jozem, Lu Ziano, Julian Rose, Madi Banja, Kalpee and more.

1. Dan Shaw – SIYAJIVA

Fast uprising South African vocalist and songwriter Dan Shaw shows off her enchanting vocals in the new smooth number based on the Zulu phrase “SIYAJIVA”.  A fusion of different genres, the single draws influences from cultural and native South African facets.

2. Madi Banja – Pon Me

Sweden’s icon Madi Banja is out with an Afrobeats, Afropop and Afrofusion-inspired vibe “Pon Me”. An invitation to a person of interest to lay everything on him, the single is a refreshed rendition of modern Afrobeats. Leaning expectancy towards his upcoming EP, the single is a catchy tune perfect for the summer vibes.

3. Nouv – Flaco

Austria’s artiste Nouv surfaces on the musical scene with the new single “Flaco” which is generated with inspiration from artistes like Og Keemo, Bad Bunny, lucio101, Dillom and more. The reggaeton vibe is laced with lyrics in Deutsch and Spanish and from the record label Musketier Records. The anthem is an engaging one and it hints at migration by Latin Americans.

4. Kalpee – Island Gyal

From Island Wave Records comes a refreshing Afrobeats & Afrofusion anthem titled “Island Gyal” from the famous artiste Kalpee. The song is an appreciation of a beautiful island girl, and the groovy beats/instrumentation is hard to miss. The perfectly put-together single stems from Kalpee’s creativity and the artiste is known for his genius crafts.

5. Solo Riches x Supreme P47 – Party On The Weekday

Nigerian artistes Solo Riches and Supreme P47 collaborate to produce this new infectious Afrobeats swing titled “Party On The Weekday”. The groovy dance tune gets you easily tangled in its melodic vibe and showcases the promising talent of both artists. The effortless combination of smooth rhythms and silky beats in this single is applaudable.

6. Crate Classics x Tres – Pusana

Grammy-nominated musical group Crate Classics generates another classic with recording artist, singer, songwriter and producer Tres. Titled “Pusana”, the piece has a groovy Afrobeats vibe with backing vocals from the artiste Sunflower. The song carries a bright and energetic aura, duly achieved by the string of flawless beats and instrumentation.

7. JEZ_EBEL – I Want You

Talented songstress Jez_Ebel takes us on a romantic escapade with the release of the soothing electro-pop single “I Want You”. With silky rhythmics and enthralling soundscapes, Jez_ebel adds on with beautiful vocals that hit the theme of the single right on the spot. Jez_Ebel has a lot of commercially successful singles and “I Want You” also shows promise. The song release is followed by a striking and luscious video, successfully showcasing the need for intimacy “I Want You” comes with.

8. Luck Mervil – Senatè Lan Pèpè

Haitian-Canadian singer and songwriter Luck Mervil (full name Lucknerson Junior Mervil) drops the single “Senatè Lan Pèpè” to discuss leadership and governance in his native Haiti. With strength in unity, there will be a form of hope for his people. Though of a serious nature, the groovy instrumentation blended with apt lyricism aids in delivering the revolutionary message the tune carries.

9. Benzii – Skip A Beat

Beaming with youthful exuberance and long exposure to music, young German artiste Benzii diverts her energy into the production of a luring electronic pop and techno-inspired piece, “Skip A Beat”. Benzii’s angelic yet strong vocals ring throughout the song perfectly blended with the electronic chords and instrumentation. “Skip A Beat” is from a personal experience; touching on anxiety and depression.

10. Jozem – Foreign

Taken as the introductory track from the debut album it came to me in a dream, “Foreign” is a luscious soulful production by multifaceted artiste Jozem. Jozem is a singer, songwriter and producer based in Canada. The track carries a dreamy and soulful synth that expresses Jozem’s unique style of writing and production. Check out the full album for a memorable and fulfilling musical thrill.

11. Will Ness – Wave of Life

An instinctive singer/songwriter from Myrtle Beach California, Will Ness efficiently composes a bright, sunny and engaging reggae anthem titled “Wave of Life”. The bouncy beats with guitars and top-notch instruments oozes every ounce of bright energy that appeals to all listeners. “Wave of Life” should definitely be a new addition to your playlist.

12. Julian Rose – How Deep

From the record label Total Assault Recordings comes the single “How Deep” by American artist Julian Rose. Taken from the EP How Deep, the track demonstrates the promising talent of Rose who has been exposed to music from a very early age. Funneling his passion-drivenness into his music, Julian Rose packages elements of Alternative/Indie R&B, Commercial and  Adult Contemporary into a thrilling soundscape.

13. Harry Taylor – Cross The Skyline

American artiste Harry Taylor releases the electronic pop and commercial tune “Cross The Skyline” to add to his 2022 discography. Taken from a personal perspective, the engaging pop anthem is about a love experience. Harry Taylor adds: “It’s the anthem for everyone who’s tired to be the one played with their feelings and showing how you can survive and rise above it all, literally watch me cross the skyline!

14. Ariel Rose x Tony Succar – Atrapada

Singer/songwriter Ariel Rose and Peruvian-American composer and producer Tony Succar (Antonio Guillermo “Tony” Succar) team up to generate an uplifting pop piece titled “Atrapada” which is taken from the new EP In Paraiso. A blend of English and Spanish lyrics with carefully crafted rhythms and beats, the commercially successful single is sure to leave you bouncing alone to its magic.

15. The Kith x Harddope – Nightlight

The trap house genre experiences a cutting edge thrill titled “NightLight” from artiste The Kith and Dance Pop Duo/Slap House gem Harddope. An instant attraction is established to the tune after listening for some seconds; the ear candy nature of the song is undoubtedly created from a unique place of musical mastermindedness.

16. Jack West – Candy Flip

The first track from the 2022 pop album Numb, “Candy Flip” is one of the latest singles by American artiste Jack West. “Candy Flip” Breaking into the mainstream public eye with captivating and calming synthesizers, “Candy Flip” is an intrepid amalgamation of personal perspectives and musical ingenuity. Check out the album for more genre-defying tunes.

17. Pacific Vibration x Akae Beka – Truth

American reggae band Pacific Vibration and Virgin Island’s reggae band Akae Beka join forces to generate a catchy reggae piece titled “Truth”. The single is about a breakthrough from the strings of the “Babylonian System” and helping people discover the truth. A full embodiment of a classic reggae tune with meaningful lyrics, the song oozes with optimum flavor you will adore.

18. The Wheel Workers – Suck It Up

A highly energetic and groundbreaking rock anthem, “Suck It Up” is a flaming tune from Texas-based Indie band The Wheel Workers. The high energy rings loud from the beginning to the end of the song; encompassing thrilling rhythms, background instrumentation and a chorus that commands attention. The band’s frontman Steven Higginbotham narrates: “It’s sort of an ode to the indie/punk dive bar show experience—the sweaty, DIY, grungy, electric vitality that only comes from seeing a good show in a small venue with bands who play every note like it might be their last. So ‘suck it up’ here means to enjoy the moment, because you never know when it will all end.

19. Lu Ziano – Nr 1

Sweden’s talented artiste Lu Ziano returns with an engaging & calming melodic drive titled “Nr 1”. The alternative pop tune is a brilliant craft that highlights Lu Ziano’s auspicious profile. The tune touches on romantic disappointments; expecting so much from someone but getting nothing much in return. The chorus steals the show and is extremely memorable.

20. Lucid Kidd – Nothing Back

Lucid Kidd is an artiste to look out for. The young and groundbreaking talent is from Lithuania and is constantly producing commercially successful tunes with commendable streaming numbers. After the hit single “Today and Tomorrow”, the young rapper released “Nothing Back” with elements from Commercial, Cloud Hop/Emo Hip-Hop and Emo genres. The hip-hop and pop blend with captivating rhythmics showcase Lucid Kidd’s admirable qualities as an artiste. “Nothing Back” is about fleeing from negative energies that impede growth.

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Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...