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Discover World Music: 30 New Songs From Across The Globe

Sizzla Kalonji New songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Sizzla, VØR, Audio Jacked, Tnola, Juno Roome and more.

1. VØR – Honey

Electro Pop artist VØR explores her creativity with this number titled “Honey”. The single, part of her new album Honey, connects to her numerous works, headlining her magical voice and influences from her experiences. “Honey” is a smooth, catchy and indulging number that centers on self positivity. The album is a divine and distinct pop production you would love as an addition to your playlist.

2. Echezona – Ride

An awe-inspiring multicultural artist who has perfected his dynamism, Echezona invaded the music scene with a passion-driven force. The Nigerian-American artist blends English and Igbo in his songs; inviting us into his versatile music world. He not only sings but raps too. “Ride” narrates a relatable perspective about doing so much for a lover but having the energy unreciprocated. The beautiful blend of Igbo in the single is enchanting.

3. Phouelisi – 4 U

Talented American act Phouelisi scouts the ideology of love in this new single. Phouelisi is a singer, songwriter and music producer. “4 U” is about the numerous things we do when under the influence of love; things we wouldn’t normally do. The upbeat, interesting and savvy single is a perfect addition to his musical profile. Characterized by vibrant and unique vocals, his fast-rising streaming numbers highlight his ingenuity.

4. The Wheel Workers – Harbor

American and Texas-based music band, The Wheel Workers, gives a preview of their upcoming album with the single “Harbor”. The guitar, drums and instruments fused rock single is a unique composition that presents the hallmark of the band. The song is about discovering consolation after going through difficult times; a combination of lyrics and beats that resonates a calming nostalgic effect.

5. Juju Juice – Run Away (This is Where it All Begins) feat. Micah

“Run Away” is the last track in the 2022 album by Juju Juice titled Earth Funk. The tracklist is a collection of wistfully produced songs that expands Juju Juice’s contemporary regime. He features many artists in his works and this latest single is with the talented Micah. With features of EDM, Latin, and experimental genres, the single leaves a memorable spot in the listener’s musical terrane.

6. Bossfight – Thunder Loader feat. I$$A

Electronic music producer Bossfight (Erik Sjöstrand) features American singer, writer and music producer I$$A in his latest musical exploration. The Senegalese born is a lyrical genius; marked by his edifying approach to music. The single “Thunder Loader” is a fiery thrill from the Michigan-based producer Bossfight. He takes us deep into his energetic and amusing musical mind; with a single, that will leave you wanting more.

7. Taylor Kade – Love You Like That (feat. Kat Nestel)

A fast-rising star in the electronic dance music scene, talented artist Taylor Kade features Kat Nestel in his recent Electro Pop journey. The string of electronically edified beats and instruments along with spiral and commanding vocals is influenced by artists like Nurko, Crystal Skies, ARMNHMR and JVNA. The single is a smooth and refreshing inclusion to Taylor Kade’s musical discography.

8. Kaputo – Zombie

Ghanaian Afrobeats singer/songwriter Kaputo storms the music with a debut single titled “Zombie”. The groovy and dance tune is flawlessly laced with strings of his native language that precedes an ear-pleasing chorus. A perfect way to showcase pieces of his native culture, “Zombie” is a single that will uplift your mood with its indulging vibe.

Listen here:

9. Amós Lora – Vivo Sueño – En vivo

Uprising Latino talent Amós Lora strings together another beautiful number with his latest single. As the title hints, the song’s lyrics are in Spanish but doesn’t create a hindrance with regards to enjoying this refreshing vibe. The outstanding and unique production oozes with unique guitar combinations that designate the inventiveness of Amós Lora as a guitarist and artist.

10. DKB x Efi Cruise – In My Head

Nigerian talents DKB (Danny Kill Beats) and Efi Cruise join forces in their latest musical expedition. Released by Bayside Records, “In My Head” was carefully crafted with influences from personal experiences. The recording artist reminisces about lost love and the time they used to spend together. The constant blend of genres and distinct compositions results in an appealing vibe the listener easily relates to.

11. Audio Jacked – Won’t Be Locked Down

Produced by Funktasy Records, the electronic dance music number “Won’t Be Locked Down” is the debut single from new artist Audio Jacked which features American singer Jessie Wagner. Her attractive vocals illuminate the electronic instrumentals; leading to the single being a mild protestation of limitations that hinder people from living life as they please. The urgent need to seek freedom is the main theme of the song.

12. MO. – Fural

Young and vibrant artist MO. releases a new single titled “Fural” as part of his new projects. The song exhibits his flawless exploration of Trap, Rap and Alternative Hip Hop. The Chicago-based artist has a Gambian influence which reflects in the title of the song. Fural means Block party or circus in the Gambia; an occasion where many people come together to have fun and party. The energetic vibe is reassigned to this tune as its instrumental sequence is fiery and sharp.

13. Nieri – Face

Proficient artist Nieri returns with another silk formulation titled “Face”. Produced by Joakim Buddee, the single paves the way for an insight into his upcoming EP. As an electronic pop genius, he constantly formulates tunes that are revitalizing and dynamic. With American and European influences, Nieri’s compositions reek of brilliance and innovation as he presents his assorted crafts to us through his music. Face is a refreshing tune you would love in your playlist.

14. El Oriental10 – Darle Uso

Dynamic artist El Oriental10 returns to the music scene with an energetic and groovy sound titled “Darle Uso” after the release of his first EP Tripping in 2021. The new single’s vibe is infectious and uplifts the mood of every listener; regardless of their language background. “Darle Uso” is a tune you will doubtlessly relish.

15. Tnola – Dreaming

New on the scene but a perfectionist of her soulful craft, Tnola assembles a beautiful second single for 2022 titled “Dreaming”. The British artist has a unique way of inviting you into her realm of music; while keeping you absorbed in lyrical goodness. The Afro-soul tune is a perfect instrument to get into a relaxed and chill vibe.

16. 4am Kru x Sir Hiss – Earshots

London-based and newly formed Jungle crew band 4am Kru team up with the famous Bristol talent Sir Hiss to deliver an explosive and fiery jungle tune titled “Earshots”. Sir Hiss is a well-known DJ and producer, steadily leaving his mark in the music production sector. The collaboration with 4am Kru is pure brilliance, as both parties are accomplished in what they do. The systematic blend of efforts from both parties to produce “Earshots” is awe-inspiring. The single is an uplifting tune you would love.

17. Juno Roome – Just Like Before

Following the huge success of the single “American Boy”, British-Korean artist Juno Roome commences the year with a dreamy tune titled “Just Like Before”. The dreamy and soul calming vibe highlights the ingenuity of the New York singer, songwriter and producer. “Just Like Before” centers on reminiscing about old relationships and lost love. The lyrics gently mirror the theme of the single while taking the listener on a refreshing and inspiring journey.

18. BXMBA – Anatomy

“Anatomy” is an Afrobeats production by musician and producer BXMBA. With a specialty in Afrobeats, Afro Pop and Afro-fusion, he has mastered the art of contemporary music with his resilience and passion-driven vibe. “Anatomy” talks about a love interest and urges her to get intimate.

19. Lucas Lenny & Elhadji Sora – Kassi Sia

Los Angeles-based artiste Lucas Lenny teams up with Senegalese artist Elhadji Sora in his recent musical exploration. Released by Lenny’s, the groovy and soulful tune has Mandingo lyrics and is sung by Elhadji. It touches on the concept of feeling left out and alone in society. The alluring cultural melody presents a part of Senegalese culture to us through the Mandingo lyrics. The single is a beautiful clash between two artistes of different backgrounds.

20. Dylan Jett – Red

From the camp of IMMUNE recordings comes a cool and refreshing craft from Australian rising star Dylan Jett. The Melbourne-based artist has been entangled in the strings of music from a very early age. As an actor, musician, singer and songwriter, Dylan Jett communicates his dedication to perfecting his craft through his productions.

21. One True God – Love Lockdown

For his recent electronic dance music creation, the famous LA-based producer/DJ, One True God, delivers a modification of Kanye West’s single “Love Lockdown”. The intensity and energetic aura that seeps from the electronic number is mind-blowing. His high streaming numbers and enormous list of subscribers ascribe to how well he has managed to draw interest to his unique productions. “Love Lockdown” will be an interesting addition to your collection of music.

22. Pusa – My Soul

“My Soul” is a stimulating electronic dance ditty from Pusa. The single is the last track from Pusa’s EP titled “In My Soul”. He explores the field of deep house and electronic dance music. The single’s lyrics present a subject asking a love interest if the things one is aiming to do for them will be reciprocated. The electronic dance tune is perfect for parties and a flawless mood booster.

23. Rickstarworld – I’m scared of dying Tomorrow

French innovative artiste Rickstarworld starts off the year with a single titled “I’m scared of dying tomorrow”. The number is a groovy and indulging electronic dance tune blended with an enchanting lyrical composition that reflects the theme of the song.

24. Warrior Sound x Sizzla – Hooligans

Distinguished German producer, Warrior Sound, joins Jamaican musician Sizzla (Miguel Orlando Collins) again for the creation of a savvy dancehall melody titled “Hooligans”. The single touches on people taking a stand for themselves among a world of hooligans who do not care so much about others. They have collaborated three times and this single demonstrates how well they both work together to produce a timeless sensation.

25. Bony-B – Kom nära

Bony-B is an accomplished artist from Congo but is currently based in Sweden. The renowned artist probes into Afrobeats, Afropop, Afro-fusion and Alternative. The single was released by Amuse and the melody showcases a diverse lyrical combination of two languages. The tune is engaging and a commercially successful creation. Its visuals comprise beautiful scenery while showing a beautiful subject of love interest.

26. The Big Sway – Almost Home

With influences from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Primus, Dead Kennedys and more, American trio The Big Sway drops a hot combination titled “Almost Home” which is part of the upcoming album We Made This For You. The trio assigns their highly spirited energy to this single and “Almost Home” is an indefatigable generation.

27. Shayne & KLsy – NoWhere

The beautiful blend of vocals is the highlight of this authentic melody by American artists Shayne and KLsy. Shanye and KLsy are a songwriting and production faction from Connecticut, America. The quality of this tune is unmatched; with lyrics delivered in dazzling vocals. “Nowhere” infuses “AfroPop” and “American R&B” together, leaving us with a classic rendition of musical superiority. The single talks about staying in love and giving assurance to another about not leaving a relationship.

28. BL Tha Hook Saya x Dynasty The King – Murder Dem So

Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and producer, BL Tha Hook Saya, collaborates with New York Recording artist Dynasty The King to deliver a flawless uptempo melodic production. The number is pure bliss; a likable tune with good metrics and rhymes. 

29. Joey Jaey – Bam Bam

Joey Jaey Recordz presents a classic and diversified afrobeats melody with “Bam Bam”. You will find strings of Nigerian pidgin in the song; drawing attention to the cultural background of the artist. Joey Jaey is a Nigerian Canadian artist, who continuously makes masterpieces from his experiences of the different worlds. He presents a lover who is not interested in money but just wants the “Bam Bam”. The tune is an applaudable afrobeats craft from the Nigerian artist.

30. Meresha – Trouble

American artist Meresha drops striking visuals for her newest number “Trouble”. The commercial pop tune is released by Sonic Dolphin and its visuals highlight the possibility of finding trouble from a thrilling night outside; the main theme of the single. The song illuminates the electrifying experiences that are likely to follow after a pursuit to fulfill desires. Meresha’s powerful and memorable vocals are a perfect touch-up for the song.

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Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...