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Valerie Omari Releases the Myke Grizzly-Assisted ‘For You’

Valerie Omari

Valerie Omari returns with a second single titled ‘For You’, from her upcoming EP Closure, featuring Atlanta-based artiste Myke.

‘For You’ follows the major success of the first single from the upcoming project, ‘If I Tried’, which was released in December last year and amassed thousands of fans in the United States.

For You was written at a time of reminiscing, where I noticed changes and wanted to remind the person I was with about my role as a partner and what I would’ve or could’ve done. The production takes you on a whirlwind of emotions as you hear me start with the first line “some days are better than most”, letting the audience know that on that particular day, I was not feeling whatever stage of the relationship we were at, at the time”, says Valerie Omari.

Valerie Omari For You

The addition of Myke to the track adds a subconscious perspective of how Valerie is feeling with regard to not wanting to pursue a relationship and how both individuals are feeding a dying relationship yet choosing to hold on. “Myke’s verse is short but captures a beautiful replay value as he takes us into both the bridge and the chorus,” she adds.

The Chvna-produced ‘For You’ is playful, and fun and has more African elements to the sound. Valerie Omari has also announced the official release date for her Closure EP, which eager fans can expect to indulge in from 10th March 2023.

Stream ‘For You’ below:



Valerie Omari has released her highly anticipated second EP titled “Closure”. Following the success of her debut EP “Therefore I Am”, which received positive...