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Valerie Omari Releases Emotionally Charged Sophomore EP ‘Closure’

Valerie Omari

Valerie Omari has released her highly anticipated second EP titled “Closure”.

Following the success of her debut EP “Therefore I Am”, which received positive reviews from both fans and critics, Valerie is once again sharing her musical talents.

Having entered the music scene in 2018, Valerie Omari quickly realized that she needed to surround herself with people who had her best interests at heart in order to remain grounded and focused on her music career. As a gifted artiste known for her R&B and Hip-Hop-influenced sound, she understands the importance of guidance.

“Closure” is an EP that reflects the journey and emotions experienced at the end of a relationship. Through a mixture of different sounds, languages, and cultures, Valerie Omari was able to channel her pain and self-discovery into a deeper understanding of what was no longer meant for her.

The songs are designed to tell a story, each serving as a chapter of a moment in my life, and the track list was carefully chosen to reflect this,” says Valerie Omari. “The EP is an exploration of self-awareness and therapy, and I hope that listeners will take the time to listen to each song in order to fully appreciate the story being told.

“Never Know” is the EP’s lead single and focus song. Valerie wrote it in Johannesburg, South Africa, and she describes it as her personal favorite on the EP. The song’s foundation was built on escapism, and Valerie wanted to create something that reflected freedom and self-love. “Never Know” vocally displays a different texture, with a mix of rock, R&B, and soul in the chorus. Valerie acknowledges that many people were involved in providing input on the direction of the song and is grateful to everyone who took the time to listen and contribute. She believes that the song will move many people and provide healing.

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