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Crisp Lo-Fi Vibes Merged With A Catchy Rhythm Form The Base of Sizz The Truth’s New Single “Real Dates”

Sizz The Truth

This comes hot on the heels of ‘The Whole Truth’, a music project that shot Sizz into the international spotlight as an ingenious lyricist and music maker.

‘Real Dates’ is the first single released in 2019 by Sizz The Truth, Ghanaian songwriter, and musical prodigy. ‘Real Dates’ was released in July 2019 as a teaser of Sizz’ rumored impending EP.

The song is a stark reminder of the new school taking over African Music by combining traditional instrument sounds and well-synthesized beats. Production on this project is top bar and transports the listener into a tranquil state of bliss on the consistent rhythm characteristic to Afro-origin music.

Born Osman El-Alawa Jnr, Sizz The Truth leans in heavily to his African heritage and these influences are evidenced in his social references in his music, his mastery of combining genres and the sheer energy his music puts forward.

The storyline of this tune centers around a young queen developing a desire for a ‘real date’ with this phenomenal singer, implying her interest in getting shown the finer things in life. This is a song to keep on repeat as it consistently lulls a listener into a beautiful place.

Real Dates comes on as a constant for any “Chill” playlist genre internationally and shows the versatility and depth of this music man. Sizz switches effortlessly between Twi, Pidgin and textbook English in this tune.

Crisp lo-fi vibes merged with a catchy rhythm form the base of Sizz The Truth’s new single “Real Dates”.  Enjoy!

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