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Never Grow Up EP: Shane Eagle Album Review

Never grow up

Award winning artist, Shane Eagle released “Never Grow Up” on December 28th to give his fans something to lend an ear on for the new 2019 year.

The first thing I noticed when copping the project is the artwork, on Young Shane’s is written “SAVE MONEY” .. This is a very important message considering the expensive society we live in.

The 7-track extended play is masked with throwback samples; lyrically touching on his onward journey of discovering himself and appreciating the people around him.

“I can see from the pattern, it’s clear. Only call you the greatest when you’re no longer here.”

The rapper chose retro beats, experimenting with his range and moving away from his slow melodic feel that he gave us in his first platinum selling record “YELLOW” ..

Paying homeage to his dad, whose originally from Dublin, Shane also touches on the emotions behind how he feels about having a foreign dad and an African man.

He notes on ‘Ronnie Hughes’ that Americans made it a habit to travel down to the motherland and ‘FEAST’ on the beautiful women in the country.

I got Earl Sweatshirt vibes while listening, maybe because of the mellow approach? Both artists sharing something in common of having foreign father’s considering the countries they live in? Who knows, maybe it’s just me.

Marking himself as the ‘young chosen’ the rapper is definitely doing a great job in paving his own lane, making sure his impact is reverberated in the country.

My favourite songs on the project are:

Ride Dolo
Ronnie Hughes
Purple Rain

Listen to ‘NEVER GROW UP’ here:

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