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Ghana’s New Face of Rap, Kwesi Arthur Makes Major Statement on Tim Westwood Crib Session Freestyle

Kwesi Arthur

In the 4-minute video version released by the UK based DJ Tim Westwood, Kwesi Arthur drops some very meaningful bars on a laid back emotional beat.

Any serious rapper knows that once you get on a high profile session such as Westwood’s show, millions will watch and millions will judge. That is why the best way to face such a show is to play to your strength.

Never the one to depend on fanciful delivery or elaborate rhyme schemes, Kwesi plays this crib session to his true strength- meaningful message, real content that ordinary people can connect with, and his signature delivery that starts regular and ends up impressive in the end.

Kwesi Arthur is a very special kind of rapper. He manages to take real topics and everyday issues and turn them into moving verses and catchy hooks.

For example, in Ghana many youth move from rural to urban areas in pursuit of greener pastures. In this process, they leave their mums behind. Each visit then becomes a bittersweet experience because mum is initially overjoyed to see her child, but in a day or two, she is sad because her child has to leave and head back to the city. Kwesi Arthur captures this reality so cleverly with these lines;

“I’m my mum’s son I wish she could see me more
Only one I do it for/
But she loves me so she’ll rather see me less than to see me poor.”

This is the kind of line that is laced with meaning and comes from very personal reflection. This is not ordinary. A listener has to be in a certain situation to actually relate with the message Kwesi passes here.

Without a doubt, Kwesi Arthur is here to stay.

Like a twitter user mentioned the other day, the future of Ghana music is safe in the hands of the new school rappers, Kwesi Arthur and Medikal, the other charismatic rapper whom Kwesi actually shouts out in his freestyle.

Once again Kwesi Arthur proves he came from the ground and now he is up there.

Watch the Kwesi Arthur freestyle on Tim Westwood Crib session here.

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