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Low Tides EP: King Joey Album Review

King Joey Low Tides

From a totally subjective point of view, “Low Tides” is a concept that King Joey came up with after his project was 100% done. The title of the EP was the Stone Age Clan man’s final deciding factor.

After leisurely listening to Low Tides I picked on the possibility that the title of the EP was derived from the fact that all the songs have a relatively calm tempo but have “trappy” characteristics and is according to popular rap lingo “wavy”. Which is quite intelligent because the title of the project makes sense concept-wise after hearing it.

Confessions”, which is the first song on the tape makes quite an intro. The concept of the song corresponds with the title which unsurprisingly gives an idea of what listeners should expect. In this song, Joey talks about things which are considered in the Ghanaian culture as a social vice, things which are obviously his iniquities. This song was produced by Arrow who definitely hit the target right in the sweet spot.

Can’t You Tell” features Wyllz, also of Stone Age Clan. It is almost inevitable in today’s world to work on a project without making music for the ladies and King Joey is obviously aware of that. This song serves as a medium for King Joey to make his intentions known to a lady in question since she seems to be ignorant about it though he tries to make it evident. Production on this song is top-notch. Wyllz, on the other hand, could have done more in terms of delivery given his obvious abilities.

In all endeavors, it is pertinent and almost very normal for individuals to have a backing of some sort. Joey lets us know about the backing he has. He touches on the subject of reciprocal loyalty and support on “My People”. Production on this song was done by Arrow and Phrzzy.

Zone”, a single he released earlier in 2016 is number four on the tracklist. The song which is a remix features Gold Brick’s producer extraordinaire, Tmak. This is a personal worded cliché but Zone is easily a jam. Its hyphy nature immediately draws attention to the entertaining aspect of the song and how dancy it sounds. This song is also about swag which both rappers have. Credits to Arrow for the production on this tune.

His intentions are made clear on “Anthem”. Music has evolved from being just art to becoming one of the most lucrative ventures in the world. As is heard in the song Joey seeks to make a living off his craft. With eyes set on the prize, he’s willing to put in limitless work to make it. He also reveres God and affirms His existence by acknowledging the need to pray.

The concluding song on the Low Tides EP is titled “Tokyo Kids” which is produced by Tmak. My mind might be playing on the fact that the track is titled after an Asian city but the instrumental to the song seems to be of Asian orientation. A sample similar to soundtracks used in Japanese and Chinese Animations is heard on the instrumental. Tokyo Kids is the only track on the project which had a total rap feel despite the “trappy” nature of the sound.

The familiar nature of the production team for Low Tides has created a sense of consistency conceptually and sonically. King Joey has shown a lot of promise as an artist and is definitely a candidate for musical success.

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