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20 Girl-On-Girl Afrobeats Collaborations You Should Hear

20 Girl-On-Girl Afrobeats Collaborations

Despite the African and Afrobeats music scene being mostly male-dominated, female artistes have been breaking barriers and shining brightly, often surpassing male artistes. This significant change in the music industry has been achieved through various smart strategies, with one of the most notable being collaborations among female artistes. In this article, we aim to highlight and celebrate 20 exceptional Girl-On-Girl Afrobeats collaborations that deserve your attention.

1. Liya & Simi — Adua (Remix)

For the remix of Liya’s hit single, “Adua,” she joined forces with the maestro vocalist Simi. This uplifting anthem, whose title translates to “Prayer,” goes above and beyond with its impactful and uplifting lyrics, coupled with the immersive vocals of both artistes. The result is a musical masterpiece that not only showcases the remarkable talent of Liya and Simi but also delivers a heartfelt and resonant message through their combined artistry.

2. Yemi Alade & Angelique Kidjo — Shekere

In this profoundly Pan-African song, which is featured on Yemi Alade’s 2019 album “Woman Of Steel,” the unmistakable expertise of Angelique Kidjo shines through. The song draws inspiration from Angelique Kidjo’s hit single “Wombo Lombo,” and the collaboration between these two remarkable artistes goes beyond just creating music; it becomes a celebration of African heritage.

3. Tiwa Savage — Tales By Moonlight (ft. Amaarae)

On their first-ever collaborative work, Tiwa Savage enlisted Amaarae for a track included in her “Water & Garri” EP. The fusion of these two elite vocalists gave birth to a song that essentially serves as a 3-minute showcase of their exceptional vocal prowess. This collaboration marks a remarkable moment in their respective careers, as they joined forces to deliver a memorable and vocally impressive track that resonated with fans.

4. Amaarae — Sad Girls Luv Money (ft. Moliy)

Amaarae‘s song “Sad Girls Luv Money” featuring Moliy is an Afropop hit that talks about how money can inspire personal growth, enjoy life, and be able to afford the luxuries of life. Amaarae uses her unique vocals to talk about focusing on accomplishing her goals and chasing the bag. Moliy’s part adds more meaning to the song, making it a lively tribute to expressing yourself and finding joy.

5. Yemi Alade & Chidinma — Selense

In 2014, Yemi Alade and Chidinma collaborated to make an energetic and lively classic. As its title suggests, this song is ideal for parties and dancing. It highlights the impact of teamwork in music, as these prominent artistes came together to produce a lively masterpiece that still delights listeners years later.

6. Tyla & Ayra Starr — Girl Next Door

In this amazing song blending Amapiano and Afrobeats, the Grammy winner Tyla and Ayra Starr join forces to create a fantastic single. In “Girl Next Door”, these two beautiful African women show off their impressive talents, blending the catchy beats of Amapiano with the vibes of Afrobeats to make a memorable tune.

7. Kaien Cruz — I Lay (ft. Xenia Mannaseh)

Getting ready for her first album, Kaien Cruz teamed up with Xenia Mannaseh for the song “I Lay.” This tune has smooth vocals and a gentle rhythm, making it a lovely mix of music. Their collaboration shows how well Kaien Cruz’s style blends with Xenia Mannaseh’s talent, promising a pleasant and captivating listening experience for fans and music lovers.

8. Guchi & Yemi Alade — I Swear

Guchi teamed up with veteran Yemi Alade for her 2022 single “I Swear.” This collaboration produced a lovely tribute to their partners, crafting a soothing and romantic song that honors the beauty of loving relationships. The combination of Guchi’s youthful talent with Yemi Alade’s seasoned experience in the music industry adds richness and emotion to the track, resulting in a heartfelt and melodious declaration of love and affection.

9. Darkoo — Disturbing U (ft. Ayra Starr)

Darkoo joined forces with Ayra Starr for the infectious track “Disturbing U”. Together, they deliver a vibrant Afrobeats anthem that highlights the significance of embracing life fully and not letting others deter one’s success. This song serves as a lively celebration of happiness and self-confidence, showcasing the musical chemistry between Darkoo and Ayra Starr.

10. Xenia Mannaseh — Anticipate (ft. Karun)

Kenyan R&B artistes Karun and Xenia Mannaseh joined forces for the deeply R&B-influenced track “Anticipate”, creating a stunning record that displays their natural, unrestrained talent. Exploring the theme of rekindling lost love, this song forms a profound emotional bond with its audience. The collaboration between Karun and Xenia Mannaseh not only showcases their musical skills but also exemplifies the enchantment that occurs when two exceptionally talented artistes collaborate.

11. Tiwa Savage — Somebody’s Son (ft. Brandy)

In this remarkable collaboration, Tiwa Savage joins forces with the iconic American music sensation, Brandy. Centered around the sincere yearning for love, Tiwa Savage later unveiled the spiritual depth behind the theme, symbolizing the divine love of Christ. Together, these two extraordinary artistes seamlessly blend their melodies, creating an unforgettable and timeless earworm that resonates deeply with listeners.

12. Leigh-Anne — My Love (ft. Ayra Starr)

English singer Leigh-Anne teamed up with Afrobeats sensation Ayra Starr to create the vibrant track “My Love.” Their collaboration brought a refreshing twist to the music scene. A standout feature of “My Love” is the incorporation of crowd vocals, which not only enrich the song’s essence but also foster a profound sense of musical unity, drawing listeners into an immersive experience of collective joy and harmony.

13. Asa — All I Ever Wanted (ft. Amaarae)

Over the years, Asa hasn’t often worked with other artistes. Yet, in her “V” album, she expanded her creative boundaries and collaborated with a few musicians. One notable partnership was with Amaarae. Asa skillfully adopted Amaarae’s unique style, particularly her “whispering tone,” and delivered it flawlessly. The outcome was a pleasing and seamless fusion of their abilities. This feature proved to be a joy to listen to.

14. MzVee — Coming Home (ft. Tiwa Savage)

Ghana’s MzVee teamed up with Tiwa Savage on “Coming Home”, a song that reflects Tiwa Savage’s distinctive style. Tiwa Savage’s performance on this track was particularly impressive, with her vocals harmonizing perfectly with that of MzVee’s, backed by Kizzybeat’s production. The song beautifully captures the theme of love in a heartfelt and moving way.

15. Ugoccie & Niniola — Loud

This partnership showcases both young and experienced female artistes collaborating to make musical magic. In “Loud,” Ugoccie and Niniola team up on an Amapiano track, a genre greatly influenced by Niniola in Nigerian music. With added Igbo elements, this song becomes a beautiful piece enhanced by harmonious crowd vocals.

16. Simi — Loyal (ft. Fave)

The collaboration between Simi and Fave nailed two key elements needed for a successful hit song: flawless singing and lyrics with depth. They explored the idea of loyalty in a profound way, focusing on mutual trust. Their work on this song created a timeless piece that not only highlights their amazing singing skills but also provides a meaningful look into the topic.

17. Nana Fofie — Seasons (ft. Zuchu)

In Nana Fofie’s 3-song collection, “Seasons,” she teamed up with Tanzanian singer Zuchu on the title track. Zuchu’s part in the song was impressive, mixing Swahili and Yoruba seamlessly, adding a perfect touch to Nana Fofie’s excellent work. This collaboration between these two artistes brought more depth and quality to the song, making it one of the project’s highlights.

18. MzVee — Come and See My Moda (ft. Yemi Alade)

Mzvee has consistently shown her penchant for collaborations with fellow African queens. This 2018 track which features Yemi Alade exudes an upbeat and lively theme, with evident Afrocentric influences. It radiates a vibrant and infectious vibe, sure to get people on the dance floor. Mzvee’s partnership with Yemi Alade on this song highlights the unity and cross-border musical synergy among female artistes in the African music scene.

19. Efya — The One (ft. Tiwa Savage)

This Efya song featuring Nigerian diva Tiwa Savage celebrates love, capturing the happiness felt when finding the right partner. Its catchy beat and heartfelt lyrics make it a song that connects with lovers and anyone who has found their perfect match. With every beat, it encourages listeners to enjoy the joy of love and the emotions that come with it.

20. Amakarh — Mind Game (ft. Dunnie)

In Amakarh’s song “Mind Game” featuring Dunnie, they talk about the strong effect love can have. This lovely song highlights the enchanting aspect of love and shows off the talent of both Amakarh and Dunnie. Their collaboration creates a musical journey that touches the emotions, telling a captivating story of love and affection.

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