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Gio Franklin is Setting New Trends in the Music Industry with His Uniqueness and Versatility

Gio Franklin

Artists are always born amateurs but chiseled with practice and experience. It takes courage to be unique in an industry that always chases trends. Rising superstar Gio Franklin is an example here. He has proved his versatility with every new release, enthralling his audiences with his flexibility in different music genres. From R & B to country music, rap, and even hip-hop, Gio can ace it all with grace. His unique sound has been setting new standards in the industry for quite some time now. 

As a young, good-looking music artist, Gio has always been passionate about sports. In school, he won several accolades in football and was sure of pursuing it as a career. However, destiny had better plans for him. In high school, Gio tore his ACL just before the beginning of the football season. This, unfortunately, ended his career in sports forever, but not his zeal to chase success. Gio had been enthusiastic about music since childhood and loved listening to different genres. As he stopped chasing sports, Gio became more focused on pursuing a career in the music industry. 

He stepped into music when he was only 15. He took a break from school just to work hard and hone his skills. Gifted with natural talent and a refined sense of sound, Gio soon developed the unique style that distinguishes him from the rest in the industry. In June 2019, he released his debut album G STAR. Within a few weeks of its release, the songs earned huge appreciation from people in his hometown of Kansa. This further motivated him to penetrate the music industry and build a rocking career. 

Gio moved to Los Angeles to turn his dreams into reality. His talent was well recognized by other artists and influencers across social media. Notable among them is the gaming creators FazeClan. This recognition soon landed Gio an opportunity to go on tour with artists GASHI and Tinashe. Although the tour was later canceled due to the pandemic, it helped Gio make valuable connections in the industry like the CEO of The Apex Agency, Adam Quinn. Quinn almost instantly recognized Gio’s talent and took him under his wing. He helped Gio navigate the industry and gradually scale his career. Gio is also planning a new business venture with Quinn where he will be seen with other A-list artists in his newly launched record label Apex Records. 

Gio Franklin is excited about his latest release, G STAR 2, which is replicating the success of his debut album. G STAR 2 portrays Gio in his best, showing his caliber as a unique and versatile artist. He made music for people from all walks of life and every mood. The success of his second release has led Gio to another ambitious project with vocal coach Nick Cooper. He is optimistic about this release which is due in a few months. 

With all the goals he has accomplished in these years, Gio feels his journey has just started. He still has more to give to the audiences and hopes to keep them engaged with his music for many more years to come. Going by his success so far, it wouldn’t be unreasonable that Gio is eyeing a few Oscars and Grammys in the future.

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