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Eminem Drops 11-Minute ‘Kick Off’ Freestyle


Multi platinum-selling rapper, Eminem dropped an 11-minute ‘KICK OFF’ freestyle on November 30, 2018.

Em starts to the video off by explaining how he’s always looked at a battle as the ultimate competition where the complete objective is to outwit your opponent with lyricism and say anything to get the crowd going the most.

What seems like a sequel from the Donald Trump freestyle the hardcore emcee goes in about how politics and propaganda that is inherited from what’s happening outside music infects the lives of normal people; like what happened at Ariana Grande’s show where a bombing occurred which resulted in a number of casualties shocking the game.

He also goes in about how times have changed, from being known for your skill and being ‘put on’ by greats like Dr Dre everything has just become a popularity contest, new kids disrespecting OGs and name-dropping whenever they want for the sake of clout.

Losing his breath and regaining it back after expressing himself (with no edits) Em goes in about how all this composition and new change in the game has instead motivated him, even more, to keep going because it’s quite clear that things aren’t in a good place enough for him to walk away.

Before I give you more spoilers, dissect the chapters for yourself here:

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!