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Closed Circuit: More Than Just a Cypher!

Closed Circuit Cypher

Woke up one morning to #HiphopGh all over my twitter timeline, promo pictures associated with most of these tweets indicated the hashtag had something to do with a rap cypher series dubbed Closed Circuit. I reluctantly clicked on the YouTube link thinking to myself, “okay here we go again… another poorly directed rap cypher with appalling visuals coupled with a parade of wack emcees spewing some corny bars.”

I was darn wrong! The video totally blew my mind! The lyricism and delivery of the rappers was generally impressive considering most of the acts were absolutely new faces. There is however so much more room for improvement.

Even more impressive is the effort that went into the production. The visuals and editing was A1, the set up and the location super on point. If I am not getting ahead of myself, I should say this is the best GH rap cypher video I have ever seen, miles ahead of the Ghanaian representation at the BET cyphers (yup, the same one featuring Reggie Rockstone, D-Black, Sarkodie etc), 4syte MVAs cypher, you name it.

I was even more thrilled when I later discovered Closed Circuit is a collaborative effort between Exposure Network and E412. Both outfits, though quite new on the scene, have quickly earned a reputation for producing compelling top notch content which dares to transform the entertainment scene, as we know it.

After some snooping around and a word with representatives of the production team, I learnt this project was officially launched on May 24th this year, with two pilot videos going up on various social media platforms. I again came to the realisation Closed Circuit is more than just a rap cypher series. The vision is much bigger. It is more of a movement, an online hub that seeks to create a platform, which showcases promising rap talents considered on the rise, creating a buzz, which will bring them a step closer to the mainstream.

Our industry finally has its own answer to Team Backpack, XXL Cypher series, BET’s RapCity etc. Hopefully this initiative will stir an upsurge of true Hip-Hop music, something our experimental music scene has starved us of for quite a while now.

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