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10 Ghanaian YouTube Channels You Need To Check Out

Ghanaian Youtube Channels

Here are 10 Ghanaian YouTube Channels you need to subscribe to.

In the present period, people, particularly those in Africa, are gradually getting used to how intense Social media is. It has turned into an exceptionally essential tool that the vast majority truly can’t go a day without. Portable Apps like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and even Facebook have presented video-sharing capacities that have birthed a lot of Global celebrities.

Youtube, which happens to be the greatest video-sharing platform, has been utilized by a significant number of people to become well-known personalities. YouTubers appear to be the new stars. Making content they like and eventually influencing millions! From instructive recordings to music podcast channels, there is something for everybody on YouTube.

I put together this article because it was really difficult finding an article on this topic off google.

In no particular order, this is my selection of the best Ghanaian YouTube channels right now. (I’ll definitely add up to the list as time goes on.)

Off The Top (Joseph Nti)

This is still one of my favorite channels. I got to know of Joseph Nti after he posted a time-lapse video on Twitter which he shot for Odunsi‘s T.O.O.L EP.

So Off the Top is a fun Q&A session with very diverse and interesting guests. It’s fun because the guests give responses without giving it too much thought or without precise knowledge and that’s the fun part of the entire show. You should definitely check them out.

Taste Tales Ghana

Taste Tales Ghana is a Ghanaian owned brand that documents the Ghanaian food industry and culture through different fun and interesting ways! Do subscribe to their channel for an ultimate foodie experience.

Joshua Cleopas

I got a lot of my followers suggesting Joshua’s channel after I asked them to recommend new exciting Ghanaian YouTube channels. He was already on my list since I was a fan of his work. This is a channel presented by Joshua Cleopas. He shares the knowledge he has developed in photography, design, and film. The Channel is gradually becoming bigger and it’s definitely a must-visit. There’s really never a dull moment with Joshua Cleopas. He drops new content weekly.

Osei Kwame

This channel is owned and managed by Osei Kwame, a freelance filmmaker and photographer based in Accra, Ghana.  According to him, his content is an escape, a means of therapy for himself while learning and connecting with people. It’s kind of like a personal vlog where he talks primarily about his personal experiences. The Channel is steadily growing and the content gets better every week. Do subscribe to his channel for some refreshing Ghanaian content.

Cheap Talk (Joseph Nti)

This is another brainchild of Joseph Nti. On Cheap Talk, 3 co-hosts cover the biggest news and hot-button issues facing Ghanaian and African music and pop-culture in the most unorthodox way. Serving as co-hosts are KJR, Jessica and Papa Kofi. They meet weekly to discuss musicians they believe are doing well, those who’ve fallen off and analyze the latest social media trends to determine which artists are moving the culture forward. Do check them out and don’t forget to subscribe!

This House Is Not For Sale Podcast (Yoyo Tinz)

THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE is an aural extension of yoyo tinz’ cultural work over the years. The podcast, co-hosted by Selorm Jay and Moshood, will thus feature practitioners and participants in all dimensions of hip hop culture. This culture is the metaphorical HOUSE in the podcast name – a fact which speaks to the aim to have solid, valuable conversations about and around hip hop, with zero interest in compromising on the goal.

Ground Up Chale

Ground Up Chale is a music collective and movement-based in Tema, Ghana. With an array of some of the current hottest stars in the Ghanaian music space like Kwesi Arthur, Quamina MP, Twitch, and Kofi Mole, Ground Up Chale produces video content for Ghanaian artists and hosts them on their Channel to help them reach a larger audience. Do check them out!

Ghana Akwantuo

Ghana Akwantuo is a travel company based in Accra, Ghana. The main goal of the company, as their name implies, is to promote the patronage of local tourism through group trips and other exciting adventures all on budget. Their YouTube Channel, although still young, promises to give you a taste of Ghanaian tourism as you’ve never seen before.

Kiki & Jay

Kiki & Jay is a Youtube Channel that belongs to a cute Ghanaian couple. Their Channel is to basically show the fun and amazing things one can do with their partner or lover. They are creative and are always trying to come up with fun things to do together as a couple. They prank each other and partake in challenges to entertain each other and their subscribers. You’ll definitely want to take a look at this Channel.

Lyrical Wars

Lyrical Wars is the first-ever Ghanaian Battle Rap League. They use YouTube as their means to televise their events. The league has had two successful seasons and has shown signs to kick off their third. With the likes of Ecribz, Amakye The Rapper, Kahaz, Kbo, Flippa and A-Clipse you’re sure to catch some real fun and definitely great lyricism and punchlines on their channel.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!


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