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Touch My Blood: AKA Album Review


AKA dropped his long awaited third solo album ‘Touch My Blood’ early in June 2018.

The Supa Mega right away started by touching on where he comes from, Cape Town, South Africa and that he has well represented his place of birth.

The artist then reminisces on how he risked it all to be with a ‘Beyonce‘ who was in his life, his relationship with his baby mama only for the relationship to end in turmoil.

When I left my baby mama I thought you were my soulmate.

AKA South Africa

Reset | (flash backs)

“Tell me would you still be there if I didn’t pull up in a white BMW.”
“If I lose it all tomorrow would you still be there?”

AKA then takes it back to the beginning and asked the question would the love be the same if he didn’t have all the nice things that he does now? Would you love him as much or is it all just for the money and publicity?

Amen | (resolution)

For those who don’t know L-Tido & AKA got into a beef situation a few years ago and later resolved it, put the personal feelings aside and took it back to the music. They might have just dropped one of the songs of the year.

“Supa Mega long time no album, how you handle that beef? Well done.” – AKA

“We were the leaders of the new skool, charged up .. no batteries.” – L Tido

This song was just an overlook of 10+ years in the game and how Mega did things a lot of people were and are still afraid to do.

Magriza | (back to the genesis)

“If I do it like I’m supposed to do, it’s expected.”

“We don’t live in the same building, pay the same tax, Wayne in the building.”

“I done suffered for the cause, summer after summer I put numbers on the board.”

“I don’t fuck with brawds, i just feed it to my dogs.”

“I’m still the same OG, I just make more Gs.”

“Even as a gentleman I did it, but these gentlemen are like Thomas Edison.”

“Even Will Smith never taught me what independence is.” (Kwesta)

Fela In Versace | (international)

“I saw you standing there, are the flashing lights gonna make me lose my way.”

“Rubberband, where you get them from? Motherland, Mzantsi?”

Zone | (provocative)

“Pythons on your gucci, got your boyfriend acting like a groupie.”

“Got a price tag that’ll make you defensive.”

“Can’t move in a room without getting offensive.”

Jika | (feel good / motivation)

“Anyday this life gonna flash before your eyes in a girl like you I see my whole design.”

“Responsibility that’s on my shoulders, i love your melanin, that’s coca cola.”


The World Is Yours | (inspiration)

“Do numbers like Khuli Chana with absolute.”

“I got my niggas on standby, you gonna say hello to the bad guy.”

“Smoking that shoprite checkers, my impact is something you can’t measure.”

“No need to worry about the news guy cos every story got two sides.”

Me & You | (longevity)

“I’m gonna live forever like Coachella, call me Pac with the hologram.”

“Shout out to Will Smith, I’m from the Diddy era, who gonna pull Forbes from the  Forbes list? I need more kicks like a sport kid.”

“Good girls turn to bad badz, wanna pass that to the boyzins.”

“Cav the big rocks, money talks and the bullshit, take a long walk like Jill Scott.”


“Shoot first, no question, set fire to the neckless, rubber band I’m a terrorist, I’m the President.”

“I’m in the mix like Duduzane, spicy, korobela. Magic, in the pot tryna rice like tastic.”

“I feel like we’re on the edge, do you want freedom or do you want a beamer even Madiba pulled up in a Benz.”

“None of you leaders resonate with the Kids.”

“Focus on the goal like I’m Joe Stransky.”

“Lunch time, gravy, fuck you, pay me.”

Daddy Issues II (relationships)

“Everyday is a title wave, one for the wave from the tabloids, that’s damage.”

“My nigga please don’t ever love a woman more than she love you.”

“Everybody got their armor on, that’s Joburg, blessed bitches book bodyguards just in case they run into baby mams buying groceries.”

“Fat ass tryna act bad on the socials but when it’s time for the home shit, they gonna backtrack like they wholesome but that’s over. Tryna keep up with jones but we’re too caught up in emotions.”

New sounds are what our commercial industry is lacking at the moment.

Originality, when someone is genuinely trying to introduce something new instead of jacking a sound.

This album has a very POP feel and AKA being the stubborn person he is and doing as he pleases whenever he wants has introduced a new unique sound not just for one type of fan but for all the new folks who want to support him.


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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!



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