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Discover World Music: 26 New Songs From Across The Globe

Black Uhuru New Songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Sam Tompkins, Black Uhuru, Charles Fauna, Restless Modern and more.

1. Etana – Young Gifted And Black

Jamaica is noted for priceless and authentic Reggae/Dancehall music and this latest production from Etana indirectly explains why. Etana is a popular Jamaican artiste with impressive numbers on streaming platforms. Known in real life as Shauna Mckenzie, the Jamaican musician is doing well in the scenes after the release of her debut album in 2008. Her beautiful voice is a memorable and striking feat; rendering the song an enjoyable piece. The single is part of the album Celebrating Nina: A Reggae Tribute to Nina Simone. “Young Gifted and Black” is a song that celebrates being young and full of energy.

2. Mr Williamz x Shy FX – SoundKilla Pt 2

Celebrated Reggae/Dancehall artiste Mr Williamz adds to his impressive list of uplifting collaborations with another cutting-edge production. The London-based artiste has amassed a large number of streams and subscribers across all platforms. Shy FX is also a London-based producer with a commendable discography. The electrifying and catchy song is a blend of two geniuses and has all the elements of a jungle and breakbeat song. “Soundkilla” begins on a calm and soft vibe then switches to a commanding and energetic vibe. The single will be an accurate inclusion for your party playlists.

3. RIIVA- Madonna 

Belgian act RIIVA showcases her inventiveness as an artiste with the release of an Electronic Pop single titled “Madonna.” The electronically produced string of instruments is flawlessly merged with pop vibes to finalize this piece. The single is a repetitive stance of reminder to a partner about accepting her for who she is (“I ain’t your Madonna”) and limiting fruitless expectations.


British DJ and Producer Yeoman is another fast-rising talent from the UK. Switching from one genre to another is not a problem as he constantly delivers outstanding melodic tunes. “Remember” is a start-off single for 2022, his latest and first production of the year. This comes after the release of the EP Revolt in 2020. The single hints at remembering your roots in times of hardships and difficult times.

5. Rosie Darling – Always, Almost

With her enchanting vocals, American singer Rosie Darling always leaves the audience in a state of awe and admiration. The LA-based pop singer-songwriter channels her emotions and experiences into her vocals and lyrics in this latest piano-inspired tune. From her perspective, the song hints at the frustrations that follow a failing relationship after so many efforts. “This song really channels that frustration about being in a relationship where it’s almost working but isn’t – and how one person can put that blame on themselves.”

6. SeineSation – Muse

Spontaneous American talent SeineStation is new on the scene but already prominent in the Alternative/ Indie/ Folk/ Pop & Rock genres of music. SeineStation is also a songwriter. She is very dynamic; constantly exploring different styles, moods/topics and excelling in them. Released by Horus Music Limited, “Muse” is a lively pop number with captivating vocals from SeineSation and enterprising instrumentation. The soulful production is a perfect choice for your playlist.

7. Zion I Kings – Red Gold & Green Dubmarine

Zion I Kings comprises three production powerhouses. Focused on reggae, the trio includes Lustre Kings Productions (Andrew ‘Moon’ Bain), Zion High Productions (David “Jah David” Goldfine, Ras Elliott, Quashi) and I-Grade Records (Laurent “Tippy” Alfred). The trio is well known in the reggae production sector and constantly crafts intriguing tunes. “Red Gold & Green Dubmarine,” is an aquatic-themed single with engaging water and bubbly sounds and introductory vibrant beats. Taken from their upcoming album Future Oceans Echo, the single gives a preview of what to expect in the upcoming project.

8. Yetep – Lullaby

Electronic dance mogul and producer Yetep expands his discography by a collaboration with singer/guitarist David Frank. The latest single is a smooth pop number released by the label Lost in Dreams. The diction from the latest tune hints at finding solitude in a lullaby during times of adversities in life. David Frank’s appealing vocals are an apt conveyance for the song’s diction.

9. Sirvik – Notice Me

Uprising Nigerian talent Sirvik effortlessly brews another pop tune with “Notice Me”. Released by DominRecords, the single is his first project of the year after a single in 2021. Sirvik specializes in Afrobeats, AfroPop and Afrofusion. This latest piece from Sirvik is alluring and has relatable content (a person on a mission to impress a love interest). The outstanding backup vocals also aid in constructing a true masterpiece.

10. Black Uhuru – Brand New Day

After its formation in 1972, the eminent reggae group from Jamaica is celebrating 50 years of excellence. Uhuru means freedom in Swahili and this musical group has exhibited much exuberance over the years. The latest single “Brand New Day” is part of an upcoming album to honor 50 years in the industry. The infectious and optimistic single features Andrew Bees, King Hopeton and Dylans Dharma; giving a glimpse of the celebratory album.

11. Romane & Gaël – Tant Pis

“Tant Pis” is the first 2022 release from the husband and wife duo. The duo works on Alternative electronic music, constantly evolving their style and rhythm to create alluring and ear-pleasing melodies. “Tant Pis” has its lyrics in French but its wishful electronic elements blended with an angelic vocal delivery help mold a remarkable number the listener won’t forget.

12. Charles Fauna – Honey

Electro Pop genius Charles Fauna releases another enthralling tune titled “Honey”. The American-based talent has left his prints in the music scene with gripping tunes that leaves the audience in a musical trance. The single “Honey” is part of his 2022 album Renewal. Fauna admits the term ‘Honey’ was inspired by his parents; a term used for him his entire life. About the single, he adds:  “It’s a song about yearning for true, strong love and partnership – feeling like you could really bring joy to someone’s life and trying to convince them of that. It simultaneously wrestles with the self-doubt, anxieties and depressions that can arise when one feels unseen in a romantic situation“. If you’re looking for a diversified pop tune, then check out this single.

13. Good Bana – Dose

Released by La Base 43, Dose is a single by French artiste Good Bana. The afrobeats single is characterized by smooth guitar brushes and peaceful instrumentation. The acoustic gem leaves you in a calm and relaxed mood. As a talented artiste, Good Bana scouts different genres and this latest production is truly divine.

14. Izzy Vibez – Mountains

Talented Afrobeats act Izzy Vibez compounds his musical profile with his latest applaudable release “Mountains”. Written by Israel Feyisayo and Ogunkoya, the tune finishes with an angelic female vocal that repeats the main lyrics of the song. The Afrobeats and Amapiano blend is a soft yet groovy tune suitable for your party playlists.

15. SAM TOMPKINS – My Brother

A well-known and fast uprising talent from the United Kingdom, Sam Tompkins releases a tribute to brotherhood with his latest single. Tompkins has been writing music for years and his brilliance as an artiste is marked by surging streaming numbers across all platforms. “My Brother” is part of his 2022 album Who Do You Pray To; a collection of songs filled with enchanting & beautiful vocals. The lyrics hint at the strong impact of having a brother and it is accompanied by touching and heartwarming visuals in the video release. Sam Tompkins’ indulging and beautiful vocals will leave you impressed.

16. AFIA – Catching The Vibe

Soulful singer and songwriter Afia starts off the year with a melodic tune titled “Catching the Vibe”. The Netherlands-based artiste has a Ghanaian background and her experience with different cultures is beautifully illustrated in the exploration of Afro-pop, Afrobeats, Afro-fusion and R&B. The single “Catching the Vibe” is about letting loose and rediscovering yourself.

17. Restless Modern – Old Haunts

American producer, and singer-songwriter Restless Modern whips out a carefully crafted number titled “Old Haunts”. The single is part of A Likeness Complicit-EP which the artiste describes as being influenced by the noted Biblical words “being made in the likeness of God”. “Old Haunts” reminisces about old memories & one wondering whether old places of impact remain the same.

18. Channel Tres – Acid in My Blood

Channel Tres generates another pop classic with the release of the single “Acid in my blood”. It is part of the 4-track EP Acid/Ganzfeld 12. The rapper, singer, songwriter and producer’s focal point is a blend of hip-hop, R&B and Electronic Pop music. The energetic and catchy beat is demonstrated in the vocals, piano and keyboard; a careful instrumental blend.

19. Ships Have Sailed – Can’t Go Back

Los Angeles-based musical rock band (vocalist/guitarist Will Carpenter and drummer Art Andranikyan) released the single “Ships Have Sailed” as part of the album Ages, a 2022 production. They are extremely diverse; crafting harmonious pieces that cut across different genres from time to time. “Can’t Go Back” is a number that hints at taking control of your life and making decisions quickly as you can’t go back in time once it passes. The smooth guitar and drum textures incorporate well with the soothing and inspirational lyrics.

20. Lil Late – Forever

A fast uprising talent from America, Lil Late brews a memorable and catchy piece with his latest single “Forever”. The ingenious artiste hints at a relatable subject with this single; a person questioning and grieving over a lost love. “What did you mean when you said forever?” is repeated in the chorus, highlighting the state of distress and disappointment over a twist of expectations. The electronic pop number is filled with energetic guitar and drum strokes that lead to a more intense mix of electronic instrumentals after the first chorus. Late’s vocals and the production is immaculate making the song enjoyable for the listener.

21. Elohim X – NENA

Latino Pop Artiste Elohim X delivers another melodious and enticing tune with “NENA”. Inspired by dancehall and reggae roots, the single is a blend of elements of different genres. Released by X Records, the single “NENA” is a lively melody accompanied by exquisite vocals that present smooth Spanish lyrics.

22. MIXIE – Boomerang

Electro Pop artiste Mixie compounds her musical profile with the release of “Boomerang”. It comes after the release of the vibrant number  “Run Away” in late 2021. Her beautiful vocals transcend through the song, faultlessly delivering the didactic lyrics. Like a Boomerang, the things we try to avoid will always have a way of coming back to us. Mixie adds: “Whether it be trying to escape our own emotions, wanting to be desired and then feeling unfulfilled, forcing something to work with the wrong person, fixating on materialistic things, even if it feels empty. No matter how far away you try to run from these problems, the truth always has a way of ‘coming back ‘round.” Update your playlist with this stunning pop tune.


Dynamic artiste ViRE creates a smooth and catchy vibe with “Ten Tens”. The R&B singer and songwriter’s vocals are a striking feature in his productions. The single highlights the impressive qualities of a love interest and is part of the production Drift-EP which constitutes 4 songs. The EP is generally a transition from love to a painful heartbreak experience.

24. 705 x Milly Sushi x Dayo Chino – Alhamdulilah

Vibrant Nigerian artiste and producer 705 takes us along on his musical journey with a groovy Afrobeats tune titled “Alhamdulilah”. He features Milly Sushi and Dayo Chino on his tune; two talented artistes who deliver vocals and lyrics that mix well with the refreshing production. 705 has worked with famous personalities and constantly explores Afrobeats, Afro-pop, Afro-fusion and Amapiano. The lyrics are in English with a mix of pidgin and Yoruba; highlighting the Nigerian-influenced aesthetics.

25. Julius Begger – Nawti

From the camp of Evision Music Group LTD comes an infectious afrobeats song by Nigerian act titled “Nawti”. The single has elements of Nigerian heritage; pushing a part of its culture to the world through music. “Nawti” is groovy and momentous, with a high-spirited and engaging chorus that urges an upliftment of one’s mood with dance vibes.

26. Pechstyle – Monalisa

Newcomer Pechstyle expands his musicianship with a single titled “Monalisa” which follows the single “Feels Right”. The single, written and composed by himself, expresses love for a person of interest while hinting at various admirable qualities. The singer and songwriter’s approach to Afrobeats is wavy and unique; a perfect inclusion to your Afrobeats playlist. 

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British singer and songwriter Sam Tompkins is a pro at crafting classic renditions of modern melodies. Swiftly gaining recognition worldwide, the British singer keeps...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...