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Discover World Music: 10 New Songs From Across The Globe

Cassie Marin new songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Cassie Marin, RnB Princess, Rosie Darling, Mz Milano and more.

1. RnB Princess – She Bad ft. Loti

Nigerian sensation RnB Princess and AfroR&B artiste Loti team up to release a cool and laid-back new sound labeled “She Bad”. With alluring synths and an engaging rhythm that showcases well-delivered vocals from both artists, the single is a melodic masterpiece from the talented duo. “She Bad” encourages women to be themselves despite social labeling and opinions.

2. Professor Paws – Bruk Up

London-based artiste and producer Professor Paws strikes back harder with an inviting R&B soundscape titled “Bruk Up”. A blend of elements from Afropop and R&B, the love-themed single is from Night Wolf Records and is suitable for your party/club playlists. The hypnotic track ignites a pure auditory satisfaction that will leave you wanting more.

3. SIN – Endeavour

SIN collaborates with Illian to produce a timeless gem titled “Endeavour”. The Austrian artistes pull you in with their distinctly sultry tone effortlessly blended with lyrics that arise from a personal experience many can relate to. Inspired by the progressive house and melodic techno genres, the infectious swing showcases the musical versatility of the two artistes.

4. Mz Milano – No Better Luv

British Ghanaian singer and songwriter Mz Milano exhibits her talent in the new single “No Better Luv”. Filled with luscious vocals that contain a blend of English and her native language Twi, the single is a perfect rendition of Afrobeats and AfroPop music. “No Better Luv” describes a newfound love interest; going deeper into what makes the new relationship special and distinct. Mz Milano flawlessly generates tunes that capture the listener in her alluring melodic strings.

5. Cassie Marin – Floating

An electronic pop and commercial-inspired generation, “Floating” is a single by American artiste Cassie Marin. A showcase of Marin’s soulful and captivating vocals, the single is also filled with shimmering layers of crunchy electro instrumentation and beats. Cassie Marin adds: “Floating’ is all about coping with isolation and discovering beauty in the mundane. It embraces us when we find it difficult to relate to others, or when we feel like some alien creature that has fallen from the sky. It packs this celestial sense of liberation that, when I wrote it, got me out of questioning who I was and how I was supposed to feel about it. I was reminded that there is never anything wrong with being different.”

6. Lua Flora – Signed, a Vine

American music band Lua Flora releases a new single titled “Signed, a Vine”. The tropical tune is illuminating with irresistible energy and carries a smooth vibe incorporated by inspiration from different genres. The tune encourages everyone to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it.

7. The Black Seeds – Love & Fire

Released by Easy Star Records, “Love & Fire” is a single by New Zealand’s reggae group The Black Seeds. It is the perfect feel-good summer track with a chilled vibe backed by clever instrumentation. “Love & Fire” showcases The Black Seeds’ commendable versatility when it comes to the generation of good urban reggae music.

8. KellyMarie – Exit 17

In anticipation of the album IT IS MY ALBUM, KellyMarie steals the Indie Pop limelight with a classic rendition labeled “Exit 17” which is inspired by the TV Show “The Office”.  American Indie-Pop singer and songwriter KellyMarie proves to be an unstoppable force with this infectious piece that shows off phenomenal synths and ethereal instrumentation.

9. Rosie Darling – Golden Age

What strikes you most is the heavenly enchanting vocals from the musical gem Rosie Darling. The American artiste’s creative exuberance is immense and she keeps on crafting tunes that will definitely leave a mark as a memorable piece. “Golden Age” is a pop tune that ponders over one’s life and whether one is actually making good use of it. With impressive streaming numbers and subscribers on music platforms, Rosie Darling is effortlessly commanding the scene with her talent.

10. General Pype – Blessed & Ready

Phenomenal Nigerian reggae/dancehall artiste General Pype (Ibrahim Majekodunmi) returns to the music scene with a catchy and groovy tune titled “Blessed & Ready”. General Pype has an impressive run with notable collaborations and international recognitions. The lyrical component of the melody resonates with his persona and readiness to conquer whatever he sets his mind to.



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Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...