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Discover World Music: 22 New Songs From Across The Globe

DJ Karaba New songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Dj Karaba, Ace World, Luca Zuccotti, JT Roach and more.

1. Mr. Feel ft Mos – On Guard:

Afrobeats singer/songwriter Mr. Feel starts off the year with an inspirational piece, “On Guard”. A fast uprising talent in the Afrobeat genre, Mr. Feel composes a distinctive combination of afrobeats, afro-fusion & Afro-pop. Raised in Nigeria and intimate with the vicissitudes of life, Feel denotes how treacherous life can be through the single. The lyrical diction perfectly emphasizes God as a symbol of hope in times of adversity; seen in the repetition of the words, “Baba God udey on Guard”. The inspirational piece comprising relatable content with a perfect beat generates a soothing atmosphere of aspiration to the listener while enforcing the idea of resilience.

2. Jay Nahge x Mello – Slide On Me: 

Versatility is the hallmark of ingenuity and rapper/singer Jay Nahge manifests this with the switch of genre from hip-hop to dancehall in “Slide On Me”. The Trinidadian rapper/singer, real name Jeremy Labodie, is known for his musical creativity and the latest single appends to his impressive profile. The rapper/singer is a worldly recognized talent and has opened for many acts such as PartyNextDoor, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and J.Cole. Love is a ubiquitous phenomenon and Jay Nahge creates a melodious and catchy Afro vibe with the latest single. He tells his lover to lay everything down and give him a chance; a gesture that fully portrays the concept of love as an adventurous one filled with emotional surging outcomes. 

3. DJ Karaba – Roots: 

Roots is an upbeat and catchy techno vibe from DJ Karaba. A widely recognized performer from Montreal, DJ Karaba has worked with artistes like Drake, Camilla Cabello and Selena Gomez. Growing up with a Congolese father, DJ Karaba’s works are a testament to her strong connection with her native continent, Africa. Roots is a fun and groovy tune which encompasses an African touch; evident by the use of musical instruments and vocabulary from the continent. “Roots” follows singles “Deliverance” and “Wine Down” from the artiste, with the first mentioned having a more enriched African vibe. She adds: “I wanted to recreate a sound to put on at after party. I was trying to get a style to celebrate my Congolese origins in everything I do.” If you ever need a perfect blend of African culture and techno music, “Roots” is one to look at.

4. Nieri – Beautiful Music:

Electronic pop genius, songwriter and vocalist Nieri reveals what to anticipate in his upcoming EP via the latest single “Beautiful Music”. Produced by Joakim Budee, the single comprises soft and enchanting vocals with dance beats that build an edifying mood. The track amplifies the essence of music as a stress reliever through its lyrical content and dance beats. 

5. Leah Kate x LODATO – F U Anthem:

“FU Anthem”  is the first single from Leah’s 7 track album What Just Happened. The American singer’s alluring voice along with her impressive growth in the music industry makes her a memorable force in the pop genre. The single evinces letting out resentment for a person that has constantly wronged you in unimaginable ways. The tone of rage and harsh lyrics perfectly deliver the message of the song.

6. Ace Word – Positive Vibration: 

The Modern Soulful Musician Artist of the Year(2021-2022), Ace Word, presents a soft and uplifting groove that overflows with a genuine positive outlook of life. The Nigerian singer/songwriter is no stranger to the difficulties of life and the single beautifully delivers an avenue of hope to the listener. Produced by ace Bayologic Beatz, “Positive Vibration” is a motivational piece that presents the impulse of continuity despite life’s uncertainties.

7. Domínguez – Con los pies en la tierra :

Pop Latino Artiste Domínguez adds another magical piece to his applaudable profile through the single “With feet on the ground”. This follows a previous E.P which also features the singer’s funky and charismatic groove. The song is sung in Spanish, and though the vocabulary is limited with understanding, the groove and beat makes the song easily indulging. 

8. Ivory Blue – Location:

Written by Ugochukwu Enwere and produced by Cheks, the new pop single from Ivory Blue is a vibrant and upbeat one. Ivory Blue is a Nigerian afro-fusion singer with a dynamic approach which has gained him a lot of commendations. “Location” with its soothing and refreshing lyrics, presents a perfect delivery of a longing for love.

9. Borelson – Deepest Vibes:

A rhythmic and distinctive flow of content is presented to the listener in “Deepest Vibes.” It is the 9th song in the album “Building Bridges”. After moving from Gabon, Congo to France, Borelson is based in Toronto now and his music is mostly hip hop and afro-fusion. The award-winning rapper talks about fighting for true love despite failed relationships. “I decided to focus on Black love as it is what made me who I am, so it just feels natural and obvious. Moreover, love is universal and transcendental. Also, representation matters.” – Borelson.

10. LARIVIÈRE & So Kalmery – Umoja:

Lariviere debuts the single “Umoja” which means strength. The Congolese singer mostly sings in French but the sparky beats draw the interest of all. Laviere reveals so much about the freedom and strength that comes with being united; a notion we can all learn from. 

11. Yung6ix x Psycho P – I Can’t Sleep:

The first release for 2022 from the camp of Yung6ix is a single entitled “I Can’t Sleep”. The Nigerian artist features the dynamic and profound Psycho P in this catchy hip-hop vibe. The single, produced by Ovo Rhama, is subsequent to remarkable works like Introduction to Trapfro(2020), HighStar (2017) and 6ix O’Clock (2014). The song hints at a state of restlessness while being on the move constantly in life.

12. Jo-el sii – Blessings (feat. Free.Vurz):

From the record label DKA Money music, Jo-El Sii produces a catchy afro tune titled “Blessings” which features Free Vurz. Religion and the belief in a supreme being is familiar to many and the Afrobeats artiste touches on this concept in his single. “Blessings” emphasizes the influence of God in keeping him going despite the challenges he faces in life. If you ever need a catchy but inspirational vibe for your playlist, then you should consider this. 

13. Sammuel – Seasons: 

“Seasons” is the introductory song in the EP Familiar Blvd by Afro-beat Artist Sammuel. It features Aleecia Tierra, a talented and beautiful touch to the melodious, groovy and uplifting single. “Seasons” is about two people taking a chance at love; a love they both believe will not just be seasonal. 

14. Wizzle Nation & NXGEN – What I’m Tryna Say:

California-based Ghanaian artist Wizzle Nation teams up with NXGEN to create an impressive switch from the hip-hop/rap genre to a catchy beach vibe. Known as Matthew Kwabena Aning in real life, the musical genius has worked with many Ghanaian acts and has a commendable profile. The new single for 2022 hints at casting worries aside while reminiscing on memories created out of love.

15. KONG 1840 – Sabbath on Saturday:

Basketball star KONG 1840 makes a switch from the sports scene to music in “Sabbath on Saturday.” This unique blend of sports and hip-hop sparks great interest along with a groove that is pleasing to the listener. KONG 1840 is a playable character in a game the Rumble Kong League is developing. With visuals released on YouTube, the plot portrays KONG 1840 running from villains who try to put this hope of expressing himself and achieving certain targets to a halt.

16. Jeni Schapire – Loose Ends:

Following the release of ‘What’s In A Name’, Jeni Schapire recaptures the music scene with a single that reeks of experience and life’s ups and downs. Produced by Daniel Markus and Matthew Young, the laid-back and soul-lifting track takes the listener to the climax of auditory goodness. The lyrical diction is one to ponder on, combining poetic pieces with a feel-good and soul calming beat.

17. JT Roach – Photograph:

American Pop Artist JT Roach releases a calm and relaxing tune titled “Photograph”. The popular musician has an impressive number of subscribers on all streaming platforms, highlighting the extent of attention he has. “Photograph” discusses memories and a hope to revisit good times that are not present anymore. 

18. Dion Isaiah – Uno:

 “Uno” is a cool and catchy project by Dion Isaiah. The single follows the project titled ‘Morning Light’, released in 2021. Isaiah’s style is a blend of the electronic music genre & Afro Pop. Following his debut single “Rewind” in 2016, Dion has continuously left a commendable presence in the genre he works on. The dance tune “Uno” is generally about persuading a love interest to explore a higher level of intimacy. 

19. Shoshan Dunamis – Call Me:

German Artist and Producer Shoshan Dunamis assembles another commendable piece;  a sweet love song titled “Call Me”. The German artiste focuses on the electro-soul and pop genre, with a touch of beautiful and relatable lyrics. After the release of her first solo album in 2017, Dunamis has continuously produced catchy and engaging pieces. The single “Call Me” entails giving reassurance to a lover about her presence and readiness to please them. 

20. Luca Zuccotti – Bounce It:

Pop and RnB singer Luca Zuccotti returns to the music scene with the single “Bounce It”. It features the Afrobeat artist Roku145, a perfect choice as both artists produce a similar aura. “Bounce It” encourages a girl to dance her heart out and explore new instances. It is a perfect tune for parties and feel-good vibes. 

21. Becky HIll & Galantis – Run:

After an appearance on The Voice UK, British singer and songwriter Becky Hill has quite an applaudable run in the music industry. With many nominations and awards to her name, the singer is an all-time favorite of many. Becky Hill collaborates with electronic duo legends Galantis to produce the single “Run”. The dance/electronic single lays emphasis on uncertainties; with bad experiences in the past affecting a chance at love. 

22. Iris Gold – Crushed Velvet:

Young and vibrant Iris Gold describes her style as “hippie hop”. The talented British singer explores both Pop & Electronic music, as manifested in previous albums and singles. Her encounter with Prince left a great impact. “I had a huge crush on Prince.” The funky and energetic tune has all the features of a Prince song. “Crushed Velvet” is a song that relates her strong attachment to the lyrical legend, Prince.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!


Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new songs for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

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