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Discover World Music: 20 New Songs From Across The Globe

Arewa New songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Arewa, Kingsley Q, Current, Max Foreman and more.

1. G+UNENBERG – Insomnia

German artist Daniel Grunenberg compounds his musical profile with the release of his second single titled “Insomnia”. The electronic dance melody tells a relatable situation about how a loved one keeps a partner wide awake and mesmerized by their love. The dance tune is a quality production; an urban gem you’ll definitely fall in love with.

2. Lost Boys – You Know Me Better

From Sweden comes an indulging and captivating dance tune titled “You Know Me Better” by Lost Boys. Lost Boys explore the genre of EDM and Deep House with their latest release and it is part of the 2022 album Roses In The Concrete. The single describes an instance of a person claiming to know so much about a person but ironically knowing so little. The brilliance of sound mixes and electronic instrumentation is unmatched. “You Know Me Better” is an ideal selection for your party moods or atmospheres.

3. Max Blücher – The Close

German act Max Blücher generates a soulful and calming melody titled “The Close” as part of his 2022 project Reminiscence. The album is a 4-track masterpiece with unique and applaudable tunes. Max Blücher presents his world of artistry to us through his music. “The Close” is about loss and the strings/ elements of the song along with the vocals highlight the mood strongly.

4. Shoshan Dunamis – Done

German singer/songwriter Shosahan Dunamis returns with a spectacular pop production after her previous single “Impress Me”. The newest single “Done” hints at change; a shift from bad habits to better ones (leaving the past behind). The lyrics denote a strong determination to improve and build one’s life: “I made my decision, I’m done with the things that I did”. Dunamis’ vocals are a perfect touch up and the delivery is apt. The lyrics are not only relatable but didactic too.

5. Zweierpasch – Farbenrausch

French Hip Hop duo Zweierpasch (Till and Felix Neumann) create an alliance with other local artistes by giving them the platform to showcase their talents via the WeLive Series. WeLive features upcoming and talented artistes and this is a video release from the concert series. Released by Jazzhaus Records, the song “Farbenrausch” is a spiral and energetic hip hop French tune with electrifying beats and instruments that will leave you engaged.

6. Kingsley Q – Higher

German Pop/R&B sensation Kingsley Q is back with a smooth and refreshing vibe titled “Higher”. The lyrics hint at a constant struggle for continuity in life due to obstacles but reference a notion to stay determined by standing firm. “Higher” is the perfect inspiring and uplifting tune for your stormy and bad days.

7. Slim Prince – 1 Billion

Sweden-based Afrobeats artiste Slim Prince releases “1 Billion” as part of his discography for this year. The groovy single praises a love interest’s unique qualities and puts her high up on a pedestal. “1 Billion” is from the camp of Universal Music AB and is a flawless rendition of urban Afrobeats music.

8. Nzhinga – Palanga (feat. Samuel J)

Angola remains an outstanding fortitude of African music with timeless and enviable productions. Fast-rising DJ and music producer Nzhinga highlights that notion with his new single “Palanga”. He features singer and songwriter Samuel J in this infectious afrobeats melody that will leave you bouncing along to the tune.

9. Róisín O – Better Now

Enchanting vocalist Róisín O is an Irish singer/songwriter with effortlessly catchy and attention-commanding vocals as her hallmark. “Better Now” is a relatable single which is part of her 2022 pop album Courageous. “Better Now” is a pop single that relates to the journey of healing after the end of a hurtful and emotionally abusive relationship.

10. SJ Talbot – Millisecond

“Millisecond” is the first single of this year from SJ Talbot which comes after the 2021 release “Easy For Me”. SJ Talbot is a young and vibrant pop artiste from Dublin, Ireland. The vocal delivery in “Millisecond” brings attention to Talbot’s proficiency as a versatile artist. The brilliant vocal harmony with background instrumentation contributes to the production of a catchy song.

11. Arewa – Rich Girl

Heavily inspired by the likes of Jhene Aiko, American artiste Arewa strikes hard on the musical scene with the single “Rich Girl”. The newest single has the theme of self-appreciation and self-awareness; bringing into light one’s enviable qualities (being rich in everything and not just monetary terms). The amicable production is laced with Arewa’s harmonious vocals, likable hooks and smooth instrumentation. “Rich Girl” is a single you will doubtlessly fall in love with.

12. Jefe Yung E x J4YY-B – Foreign (feat. J4YY-B)

American musical artiste Jefe Yung features J4YY- B in his latest musical expedition from F.T.D Records. “Foreign” is a love-themed afrobeats song and throws the spotlight on a unique foreign girl who commands attention. “Hair done, nails done, everything fancy” and “Attraction in the flesh, connection in the soul” are just some of the lyrical components that highlight admiration for this character.

13. Preethevibes – Winter Love (feat. Onyi Awani)

Afro Caribbean musical group Preethevibes feature vocalist Onyi Awani in the new single “Winter Love”. Based in America, the 4 man group explores the Dancehall, Afrobeats, Afropop and Afro-fusion genres. “Winter Love” is about a love conflict with Onyi Awani as the female point of view and Preethevibes’ Milio as the male point of view. The groovy Afrobeats jam is a friendly addition to your dance playlists.

14. Francisco Martin – KISSING ON A BALCONY

From 19 Recordings Inc comes a decent and auditory fulfilling vibe titled “Kissing On A Balcony” from American singer and songwriter Francisco Martin. The romantic pop tune features an irresistible blend of smooth vocals with cutting-edge hooks. The luscious generation makes Martin’s rising streaming numbers and subscribers understandable. “Kissing On A Balcony” is a piece about infatuation and obsession with a love interest.

15. Current – Man On An Island

American rapper, singer, producer, and DJ Current releases “Man On An Island” to touch on the loneliness and emotional torture a person faces after abandonment by many during phases of difficulty in life. Current focuses on rap, hip-hop, RnB, trap music and more. You can also check out his recent album It’s Just Temporary for more satisfying and applaudable music.

16. Hayk Keys – Focus On You

Based in Los Angeles, American singer and songwriter Hayk Keys is back with an energetic, passion-driven and catchy dance tune titled “Focus On You”. The single is menacingly catchy and effortlessly carries the listener along on a beautiful musical journey. The carefully crafted dance tune carries a good message too. The song is about reducing one’s worries in life by avoiding unneeded comparisons and focusing only on yourself positively. “Acceptance is the key to happiness. Comparison is the thief of joy”, Keys adds.

17. Jay Moore – Bless Up

Directed by Mediakid and Banx, Nigerian artiste Jay Moore is out with the striking visuals for his new single “Bless Up”. Laced with Nigerian pidgin, the afrobeats song is inspired by the likes of Nigerian artists Wizkid, Burna Boy and more. “Bless Up” is a silky and smooth production with clever rhythmics. “Bless Up to the ones wey dey pray hard, Bless Up to the ones wey dey show love, Bless Up to the ones wey no give up”, the single’s lyrics signals support to everyone who strives to make it in life and spread positive vibes despite the peaks and valleys in life.

18. Max Foreman – Balaô

Proficient French DJ and Producer Max Foreman transforms the vocal delivery by an African Children’s street choir into a sensational dance thrill with melodic instrumentals and captivating beats. The nifty and neat generation is a testament to Max Foreman’s promising profile as a music producer and DJ. “Balaô” is a commendable craft from Max Foreman.

19. Shiadanni – Penny Pills

“Penny Pills” is a mesmerizing pop tune from Canadian singer/songwriter Shiadanni. The alluring piece highlights her multifaceted abilities as the single is written and produced by Shiadanni, with the visuals directed by herself too. The single mirrors her mental state and the turbulence she sometimes faces; a phenomenon many can relate to. The honey-dipped vocals along with the visuals flawlessly illustrates Shiadanni’s mental turbulence.

20. RtwoG2 x Ipree – Carry Badmind

Bermudian DJ/music producer RTwoG2 & Jamaican dancehall artiste iPree join forces for the clever dancehall production titled “Carry Badmind”. Producer RtwoG2 dexterously crafts commendable melodies with every genre he explores and the newest Dancehall tune is no exception. Laced with lyrics in patois, the single references efforts to keep up with life’s continuity in a world filled with “Badmind” people.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!


Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...

Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...