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Discover World Music: 20 New Songs From Across The Globe

Mighty Koba New Songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Mighty Koba, 234Baby, Young Dubai, Jordan Celiano and more.

1. Boylexxy – Paid

Singer/songwriter Boylexxy crafts a smooth and feel-good vibe with his afrobeats single “Paid”. Born in Nigeria but currently in Atlanta, America, Boylexxy mirrors his native influences through the single with traces of Nigerian Pidgin in the lyrics and genre of music; Afrobeats (with heavy inspiration from giants such as Wizkid and Burnaboy). The single hints at financial well-being and the self-satisfaction that follows it.

2. GT_Ofice x Britt Lari – Moving On

Following the commendable success of their previous collaboration, Electronic dance music producer gem GT Ofice agglutinates with enchanting vocalist Britt Lari for their latest piece “Moving On”. The dance tune is highly enticing and will leave you tapping along to the beat. Britt Lari’s vocals are an integral contribution to this exceptional production by GT Office.” Moving On” is a dance melody you will undeniably love.

3. Gyasi Clarke – Spread Love

An uplifting and calming song with heavy traces of inspiring and wistful lyrics, “Spread Love” is a single by American singer/songwriter Gyasi Clarke. The tune is elemental to the 2022 production EP titled Positive Is How We Live. The modern reggae single throws the spotlight on Clarke’s musical ingenuity.

4. Mighty Koba – 2 MANY

Featuring artiste Jaey London, “2 Many” is an entrancing afrobeats song from Cameroonian talent Mighty Koba. The Afro-fusion generation is a flawlessly remarkable one. From the camp of Achia Productions, the single depicts a common relatable predicament from the club or outdoors.

5. Kris-Zaga – Maria

In a move to touch on domestic violence against women, dynamic Nigerian act Kris- Zaga drops high quality visuals for the single “Maria”. The damaging effects of abuse on women are too immense to ignore. The Afrobeats/Afropop infused gem is a tribute to a good woman, highlighting the importance and strong benefits everyone grains from their strength.

6. Jordan Celiano – Lio Messi

Music incorporates all aspects of life and football is not exempted. New Artiste Jordan Celiano ushers in an engaging reggaeton, Latin pop and dancehall fused tribute to the football legend, Lionel Messi. Characterized by lyrics in Spanish, the tune’s vibrance and uplifting energy is a presentation of the football guru’s phenomenal performance and history on the pitch.

7. Chris Youmans – Too Close

Forming a strong attachment to music at an early age, American artiste Chris Youmans has everything it takes to thrive musically. The groovy trademark of the electronic pop “Too Close” is a memorable auditory bliss to the listener. Chris Youmans shuffles between the concept of love, connection and desire in his recent musical escapade.

8. Japè Tucciné – Rasta Manifesta

US-based singer, songwriter and producer Japè Tucciné resumes his exploration of different music genres (funk, psychedelia, classic rock, synth-pop & more) with the new single “Rasta Manifesta”. Tuccinè’s dynamism is pure genius and the latest single effortlessly reflects that. The reggae tune is a perfect rendition of urban reggae music with thought-provoking diction and lyrics.

9. Grey Prince – Charity

Released by Pope Gang LLC, “Charity” is an experiential rap tune. The fiery mix of beats blended with good bars quickly erupts an interesting vibe which slowly switches to a calm one towards the end. Grey Prince is an Iranian American producer and rapper committed to constantly growing his musical experiences.

10. Steven Curtis – Patience

American artiste Steven Curtis releases a soulful and dreamy medical portrayal of a phenomenon that happens to many — quarter-life crisis. The inability to keep up with the successes of others can be very detraumanting. “Patience” is a contemporary piece engulfed by the appealing vocals of Steven Curtis. The single’s enlightened diction delivered in the vocal range of Curtis emphasizes the theme positively.

11. Danny Kosmo – Getting High

“Getting High” is a catchy and vigorous pop melody by American talent Danny Kosmo. Kosmo is a recording artiste from Seattle, Washington and a good sax player. The track is a satisfying pop tune with love and intimacy as its main theme.

12. Lutzie – I Love You

American gem, singer, songwriter and pianist Lutzie shows off her beautiful vocal range in the single “I Love You”. Lutzie expresses uncertainty in the single and ponders whether love is being reciprocated or not; a predicament that many in relationships face from time to time. Lutzie freely keeps you hooked on this single and it is an inclusion of her many projects for this year; which you should check out.

13. Young Dubai – Soldier

Signed to MVB Records,LLC, Jamaican artist Young Dubai strikes with a real-life influenced single titled “Soldier”. Young Dubai ponders over the jealousy that results when people notice others doing well. The studio session is a calm and inspiring vibe; voicing out his personal feelings through his refreshing beats and metrics.

14. 234BABY – Tom Cruise

Compounding his 2022 projects, Nigerian hip hop/rap artist 234Baby is back with a highly energetic and entertaining dance and party tune titled “Tom Cruise”. The single is attention commanding and represents the rare musical ingenuity of 234Baby; the effortless creation of a dance and rap blend. His generation is genius, as the single leaves you bouncing along to the tune for more.

15. Rabii Harnoune & V.B. Kühl – Aisha

Moroccan duo Rabii Harnoune and electronic producer V.B.Kühl form an alliance to create an applaudable blend of two worlds (traditional North African Gnawa with funky modern sounds). The team relates: “In Gnawa culture, ‘Aisha’ is considered to be one of the greatest women in history; the song is an ode to her strength and courageousness, while appreciation for her pursuit in supporting the oppressed and punishing the oppressor.” The tune is a glossy production that should be part of your playlist.

16. Vini – After Hours

Conversant artiste Vini assembles another priceless electronic pop piece which she titles  “After Hours”. The song is love-themed, relating the difficulty of trying to go about life without missing someone who means so much. Blended with French lyrics, the single is a testament to the resilience and passion drivenness of Vini as a dynamic artist.

17. Valentina Blú – VIBE

Italian singer, songwriter and producer Velentina Lambardi, popularly known as Valentina Blú, returns this year with a smooth Afrobeats/Afropop influenced tune titled “Vibe”. The strikingly enchanting vocals by Valentina Blù are a blend of English and Spanish. Blù’s diction in this single touches on leaving relationships that are harmful and noxious. 

18. Ralph Staples – Love Comes First

From the heavy influence of Reggae legends such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Lucky Dube comes a sparkling production titled “Love Comes First”. The single is by Canadian singer and songwriter Ralph Staples who has dexterously mastered the reggae and dancehall genre. The current single is part of his new productions for 2022. If you’re in search of a spicy urban reggae rendition, you should review Ralph staples’ discography.

19. Circle – Lost Greyhound

Sydney based musical band Circle and Sarah Bird (singer/songwriter and guitarist) team up to produce a beautiful dream-pop song titled “Lost Greyhound” from the camp of Monday Records. Its diction is simple with a deeper meaning, all delivered through the magical voice of Sarah Bird with smooth instrumentation in the background. The efforts from both parties blend into an enviable masterpiece.

20. Needs No Sleep (feat. Ali Kerr) – Nectar 

Producer Needs No Sleep storms the scene again with Uprise Music featuring vocalist Ali Kerr. Following his intense streaming numbers, Needs No Sleep is on a roll and constantly makes outstanding tunes the listener will fall in love with. The dance floor tune is also a love-themed one. Just as a bee is attracted to nectar and holds it dear, the diction reaffirms the notion of a lasting connection between two parties while calling for cherishing a loved one and memories. 

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!


Discover World Music

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the...