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20 Afrobeats Love Songs By Women

Simi: Afrobeats Love Songs By Women

Explore 20 mesmerizing Afrobeats love songs by women, each a rhythmic ode to romance and passion.

Given their natural affinity for emotions, women excel in the art of expression. It’s no wonder that many deep and emotionally rich songs, particularly in the Afrobeats genre, are created by talented female artistes. Join us on this journey as we highlight and celebrate 20 Afrobeats love songs made by women.

1. Tiwa Savage — All Over

In this enchanting single by Tiwa Savage, she masterfully encapsulates that euphoric sensation akin to a fluttering “butterfly in the belly” that arises when one is entranced by a beloved. Tiwa Savage beautifully conveys the experience, going so far as to express how this emotion electrifies her skin with goosebumps, a testament to the intensity of the affection she’s experiencing.

2. Chidinma — Fallen in Love

This song exudes unwavering resolve as Chidinma passionately expresses her deep and enduring love for her beloved. It is a testament to the unyielding commitment to this love, irrespective of the adversities and challenges that may come their way. The lyrics convey a sense of determination to stand by her love, no matter the odds stacked against them. In this song, she leaves the listener with a resounding message of devotion and steadfastness.

3. Simi — Love Dont Care

Simi’s storytelling skills and talent for crafting captivating narratives shine through in her portrayal of forbidden love. She skillfully explores the complexities of human emotions through her music and lyrics, depicting a love story that endures despite obstacles such as parental disapproval. Her narrative transcends conventional love stories, showcasing the enduring power of true love, which overcomes societal norms.

4. Teni — Case

In this lasting masterpiece, Teni delves into the complex realm of romantic love, embarking on a heartfelt journey that vividly illustrates the depths to which she’s willing to go “for her lover’s case.” Her captivating storytelling goes beyond words as she not only travels great distances but also faces physical risks in the pursuit of love.

5. Niniola — Oyin

In this classic, Niniola passionately conveys her love, comparing her lover to the sweetness of honey. With each lyric and note, she skillfully describes the pleasure of experiencing their affection, creating a desire for more. Her captivating melodies and poetic words evoke strong emotions in listeners.

6. Chidinma — For You (ft. Fiokee)

Chidinma’s classic song carries a strong theme of longing, evoking deep emotions in its listeners. In this heartfelt composition, she expresses her enduring love, even when it’s not fully reciprocated, as shown in the lyrics. Her moving performance in this song goes beyond ordinary music, capturing the depth of emotion.

7. Waje — I’m Available (ft. Yemi Alade)

In a straightforward yet meaningful way, Waje shows her strong dedication and full focus on her partner. She promises to always be there and attentive whenever needed, demonstrating loyalty and making their relationship a priority.

8. Simi — Duduke

In 2020, Simi released a musical gem that goes beyond typical love songs. This creation stands out not only for its beautiful melody but also for the deep sentiment it carries. Simi’s song is a heartfelt expression of love, not for a romantic partner, but for her unborn daughter. This personal narrative adds emotional depth, showcasing the many facets of human emotions.

9. Tiwa Savage — Lova Lova (ft. Duncan Mighty)

In this heartfelt song, Tiwa Savage expresses her love for her partner passionately. But beyond the love, there’s a condition – there should be “no wahala” (no trouble or complications), showing the wish for a smooth relationship. This song, in its entirety, offers much more than a simple expression of love.

10. Ayra Starr — Sare

Ayra Starr’s musical style captures the feelings of young and innocent love, as she tells detailed stories in her songs. With her skillful lyrics, she creates vivid images and dreamy worlds, connecting deeply with her beloved. Her melodies express pure affection, portraying her partner as the ideal Romeo figure, representing passionate romance.

11. Teni — Power Rangers

In this love song, Teni expresses her longing to have superpowers so she could always be with her beloved. Through her poetic lyrics, she imagines herself and her partner as symbols of unwavering devotion. Teni’s emotional vocals convey a deep longing and desire to never leave her lover’s side, even wishing for superhuman abilities to make it possible.

12. Gyakie — Something

In this song, Gyakie presents a captivating and bold depiction of a special type of love, marked by mixed feelings. She tells a story where she seems to distance herself from her lover, but her heart still longs for them. This complex song explores the many confusing aspects of love, revealing the intricate nature of human emotions. It carries an air of sophistication, delving into the delicate balance between desire and protecting oneself.

13. Tiwa Savage — Dangerous Love

In a track from her Celia EP, Tiwa Savage tells a love story filled with uncertainties. Her skillful lyrics go beyond ordinary expressions of affection as she explores her complex emotions. She wrestles with a fear deep in her heart, worried that her strong feelings might lead to heartache if love takes a wrong turn. Tiwa Savage’s eloquent words reflect the inner struggles often felt in deep, passionate love.

14. Simi — Joromi

In the captivating album “Simisola,” Simi takes listeners on a musical adventure. In one memorable track, “Joromi,” she passionately expresses her desire for affection from a mysterious figure named Joromi. Simi’s storytelling skills shine as she crafts a narrative of her pursuit, a romantic tale filled with subtle signs and heartfelt gestures. Through her lyrical artistry, she not only shares her longing for Joromi but also calls upon others, seeking their help in her quest for love.

15. Fave — Baby Riddim

Fave’s still cherished and timeless song showcases her talent in expressing love for her lover. In this aptly titled heartfelt composition, Fave showers her partner with praise, revealing the depth of her attachment and adoration. Her skillful lyrics and emotive vocals create a musical masterpiece that deeply resonates with listeners, forging a strong connection.

16. Simi — Tiff

In this genuine and beautiful love song, the talented Simi eloquently reveals the depth of her affection, confessing her love for her partner. Her skillful lyrics and heartfelt delivery express feeling completely enamored, as if her lover has stolen her heart. This deep bond has so captivated her that focusing on anything else becomes difficult, showing the overwhelming and all-encompassing nature of the love she expresses through her artistry.

17. Yemi Alade – Oh My Gosh

Yemi Alade shared a love song in her unique and vibrant style that embodies enduring romance. With catchy lyrics and an upbeat tempo, she describes a beautiful love that stands the test of time and obstacles. In this timeless tune, Yemi Alade’s melodic voice guides listeners through an emotional voyage, showcasing her unwavering commitment to nurturing this love.

18. Yemi Alade — Kissing

A vintage classic, this timeless song captures the essence of romance, telling a beautiful story of love under a tree’s branches. It’s the perfect soundtrack for intimate moments, evoking feelings of passion and tenderness that last through time. The song’s poetic lyrics and enchanting melody weave a tale of two lovers, lost in their own world under the tree’s sheltering canopy.

19. Chidinma — Kedike

This masterpiece was a must-listen during its heyday, with everyone happily singing along to its catchy tune and memorable notes echoing from every corner. It became a widely known anthem, played everywhere, and firmly embedded itself in the memories of its era. This composition captures a deep love that stirs emotions and makes hearts race. However, beneath its captivating melodies lies the touching story of unreciprocated love.

20. Asa — Be My Man

This funky jazz-influenced classic is a prime example of iconic love songs, blending catchy rhythms that make you want to dance with a heartfelt message that hits home. Asa takes the lead in this soulful song, asking her beloved to be her guiding light and anchor, promising in return to be his loyal partner every day. The melody tells a captivating story of love, mixing jazz and funk in a mesmerizing way.



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