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10 Questions

10 Questions: Sofie

Sofie Interview

Enjoy our 10 Questions interview with UK-Based Ghanaian Singer Sofie.

1. What is your musical background? 

I’ve always sung from a very young age; it was just something I always did whether it was school choirs or me standing in front of my bedroom mirror with a hairbrush in my hand pretending to be singing to thousands at the top of my lungs. I started teaching myself guitar around the age of 13. My parents always encouraged me. I just finished my first year of university at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

2. What are your thoughts on the current state of music in Ghana?

I feel that the music scene in Ghana is growing very rapidly and especially now more than ever before. Some artists that were underground are now getting more recognition (shout out to Kwesi Arthur) which is cool to see and honestly a lot of people in the underground music scene really inspire me. It’s so refreshing to listen to all the music coming out and I feel honored to be a part of all this.

3. How was the feeling like performing at Chalewote in the summer of 2017?

It was incredible. One of the craziest things I’ve ever done/ experienced in my entire life, I’ll always remember that day. It was the biggest crowd I’ve ever played to. The energy was so high, I was interacting with the crowd, they were feeling my music. I also got to perform at the Yoyotinz shrine earlier on in the day. Blessings.

4. How do you separate yourself from other artists and how would you describe your own style? 

It’s not really so much about me “separating” myself from other artists, I don’t really think about that much. It’s about me always being myself because everyone is unique and everyone is their own intricate thinker and if you’re always yourself that will always show through, however at the same time we have to realize that everything is relatable and no matter how different or distant you may feel we’re all connected and we’re always going to be one. I just enjoy writing songs, rapping, producing, and playing instruments, I’m ever-changing as we all are and I think that’s going to reflect in the art I share. When I think of my style, I picture waves.

5. What do you think your listeners will get out of your music? 

 I hope they get the message that no matter how hard life gets you’re really not alone and that you grow through what you go through. I hope they feel empowered when they listen to ‘Crimson Sun’ especially. I want my music to make people feel things.

6. Explain your creative process. 

 It’s honestly different every single time. It sometimes starts off with me improvising on my guitar and just singing random things, by me making a beat on my computer and trying to sing or rap to it or sometimes even by writing an entire song down without even thinking about the music. In most cases, I usually resort to my guitar first though, and start playing random chords. I usually write songs because I need to, it’s like therapy.

7. What is the most difficult thing you’ve had to endure in your music career? 

 Music theory, Harmony, Solfege, and Ear-training.

8. What do you hope to do with your music? 

I hope to inspire other people to be creative and express themselves. Music is just the start of what I want to do, that’s all I’m going to say.

9. What would make u want to collaborate with another artist? 

Really vibing and connecting with someone and their art. Someone I could have a conversation with.

10. In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?

It’s changed in so many ways. I’m constantly writing and being influenced by other musicians and I don’t put myself into a genre and that has always helped. My first EP which was self-titled ‘SOFIE’ was pretty experimental as is the song ‘Crimson Sun’ I just released but ‘Crimson Sun’ sounds completely different from anything I’ve ever shared. I produced it and recorded it in my college dorm room. It’s a straight-up rap song but who knows next week I could drop a ballad. Expect anything.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!
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