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10 Questions: Shay D

Shay D

Off the back of his recent release of visuals for the smash single “That Guy“, Unorthodox Reviews caught up with enigmatic next-gen dancehall act Shay D.

Tell us… who exactly is Shay D?

Shay D is a smart and humble dude with a musical dream – the next big thing in world music.

Any story behind your stage name?

Not exactly. The name Shay D because I’m a shady character, in the sense that I cannot be predicted. I am a box of surprises. Pleasant ones I hope. *** laughs****

How did you get started in the music industry and what gave you the motivation to stay with it?

I would say music is a gift. The journey started right when I was brought into this world. I was born to sing. I have a high-spirit as well, the ‘never give up’ kind. So I say God motivates me to motivate myself to bring out my talent for the world, and for people to recognize that the new era of music has come.

Take us through your creative process.

I am one person who acts on my feelings, my instincts, and the people, things, and events around me. I just try to put all these elements into writing and bring is out as an art-form which happens to be music.

Which genre of music do you consider your stronghold? 

I do the afro dancehall type of music. A blend of dance hall and afro beats vibes.

There is this whole controversy about what exactly qualifies as afro-dancehall music. Some say dancehall is dancehall and embodies afro elements in itself. They hold that Afro-dancehall can therefore not be categorized as a musical genre on its own. What is your take on that?

Music is all about creativity. I don’t think because there is a particular genre we all know we cannot try to create new things on our own. I will say afro-dancehall is a genre of music too.

Dancehall and afro-beats are the most competitive genres in these parts. What makes Shay D standout from other afro-beats and dancehall artistes?

I simply create what I believe in as an individual. I do not seek to conform nor connect with everyone, but with people who also share in my beliefs. Music allows me to say what I cannot say in everyday words. My music expresses my core beliefs- both as an artistes and as a person.

Who are your musical influences, both locally and abroad?

In Ghana I will say Shatta Wale, because he is just unique! We haven’t seen such a compelling character in the history of Ghanaian music. People complain about his ways and approach, but I believe there is nothing like bad publicity

Abroad I will say the late Michael Jackson, I choose him because he is and will forever remain a legend!

Does Shay D have any label affiliations?

I hope to be signed someday, but for now Shay D is an independent artiste. I am not signed to any label. I however have a dedicated group of people coming together to form a team who help me run things. I call the team the Psycho Movement.

What project are you currently working on and what does the future hold for Shay D?

Currently our main focus is on the video promotion of my hit single with Trigmatic “That Guy”. We dropped the video few days ago and it’s really doing well.
I however have a whole lot of future projects which I refuse to disclose, remember I can’t be predicted. ***laughs*** Fans should just expect much more than they are seeing now.

In the not so distant future i see myself on all international and national stages sweeping awards everywhere. God be my helper. It’s your boy Shay D.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!


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