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Discover World Music: 10 New Songs From Across The Globe

Queen Drie new songs

Every week, we highlight the very best of new music for your listening pleasure. In no particular order, check out our selection of the best new songs you need to hear featuring music from Queen Drie, Devinoszn, Simi, ANDI and more.

1. Babylon North – The Dancers

Sweden’s Babylon North successfully composes a smooth and vibrant rendition of reggae music titled “The Dancers”. With dreamy vocals effortlessly delivered by Katja Kott, the new single is awe-inspiring and fully captures you in its melodic strings. The brilliance of incorporating the feeling of dancing into thought-provoking and inspiring lyrics is commendable.

2. Simi – Loyal

Retrieved from the latest 2022 album To Be Honest, “Loyal” is a new Afrobeats/Afropop-inspired tune from famous Nigerian sensation Simi. She is widely appreciated for her uniquely enchanting vocals that embrace every listener.  The track features additional vocals from the rising female artiste Fave. “Loyal” dwells on the nature and complexity of friendships while expressing Simi’s masterful melodic craftsmanship with a dash of luscious vocals and rhythms.

3. Devinoszn – Pounds Sterlings

Promising Nigerian talent Devinoszn releases a new extremely catchy and vibrant Afrobeats/Afrofusion anthem titled “Pounds Sterlings”. Effortlessly showcasing a high-spirited and memorable vocal delivery, the tune is a perfect rendition of urban Afrobeats music. Released by Dotmusic Records, “Pounds Sterlings” highlights a man’s hustle and journey towards financial sustainability.

4. Cable Street Collective – Tant Pis, Mon Cher

“Tant Pis, Mon Cher” is a track from the newest album Battle Lines by British musical band Cable Street Collective which was released on 3rd June 2022. “Tant Pis, Mon Cher” means “too bad, my dear”.  The sonic sundae is laced with epic synth work which ignites irresistible sunny energy the listener will adore. The other singles on the album are commendable too, beaming with ear-pleasing tracks that present the band’s outstanding craftsmanship.

5. Kris Sobanski – Like Mariah

Fast spiraling American artiste Kris Sobanski is constantly topping the charts and compounding immense streaming numbers with his distinct anthems. Released by Swipe Right Recordings, the newest dance and pop blended tune “Like Mariah” also shows promise. “Like Mariah” narrates a wish of imitating the musical success of Mariah Carey.

6. Shattaroaxh_mpf – Addicted

“Addicted” is a unique blend of urban reggae and dancehall vibes by American artiste Shattaroaxh_mpf. The single is a Love themed song, highlighting an addiction a person has for another. The calm and feel-good tune is a gem you will adore if you’re in search of a versatile soundscape for your playlist.

7. Queen Drie – Go

Queen Drie is a Ghanaian-American rapper, singer and songwriter. Her passion-driven craftsmanship transcends through her music and the latest cool Afrobeats tune “Go” is no exception. The single is released with another titled “Nobody” which expresses the need to cherish yourself and stop needless comparisons to others. The two alluring singles are filled with well-trained and honey-dipped vocals and meaningful lyricism.

8. ANDI – Devil’s Work

American pop artiste ANDI has taken the music scene by storm. From an immense number of streams to a commendable number of subscribers, ANDI achieves an ear-pleasing auditory satisfaction with every single song she puts out. Thick with introspection, the relatable pop chant “Devil’s Work” relates to a struggle of self-acceptance lacing it with a positive encouraging outlook. 

9. Eksoh – Underwater

American DJ/Producer Eksoh drops a Deep House and Electronic Dance music-infused gem electronic dance gem labeled “Underwater”. Despite its dance and groovy traces, it presents a sad reality many have experienced before. The catchy and vibrant anthem features a love theme; struggling to keep a relationship going after the other party has given up. 

10. Sidepiece x Lee FOss – 1, 2 Step

American DJ/Producer duo Sidepiece and American DJ/Producer Lee FOss collaborate to produce an attention-commanding and wavy dance tune titled “1, 2 Step”. The flawless summer dance tune is an authentic bliss; with a superlative chorus that easily engulfs you. Inspired by tech house and Electronic dance music genres, the single is a remarkable clash of two notable brands in the field of music production.

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