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Why “Better Mood” By Vincent Zirah is your Next Favorite Summer Song

Vincent Zirah

Establishing yourself as a musician to look out for is one of the biggest challenges of today’s generation. The competition is tough, and you’ve got to put in more effort than ever just to come close to standing out from the crowd. Because talent? Well, that’s no longer enough. You’ve no doubt got to have the guts to make it, but you also have to play the part, remaining unique, relevant, and entertaining, all while developing solid relationships with others in the industry along the way. 

That’s tough, to say the least, relying equal parts on skill, attitude, and simply being at the right place at the right time. All three add up to become a winning formula, but only a select few will ever discover it, much less know how to put it in practice and reap the rewards. However, those slim odds didn’t discourage Vincent Zirah, founder of the music platform Infigroove, from taking on the challenge of being a seasonal musician.

GeniusLix’s executive chairman stands by his dedication to music and has always looked for ways to learn and grow within his field. Creating Infigroove was his first real go at combining his entrepreneurial talents with his musical passion. Infigroove’s purpose was to combine music listening with the possibility of viewing music clips, thereby finding yourself in total immersion with your favorite songs. And it proved massively successful, despite the Recording Industry Association of America’s tight regulations, which sometimes gets in the way.

Thousands upon thousands of views, listens, and available songs later, the streaming service developer is now trying his hand at producing some music himself, hoping it’ll garner as much attention and success as his beloved platform. 

But don’t misunderstand; he’s not in this just for his five minutes of fame, nor does he view it as a simple item to cross off on his bucket list. Instead, Infigroove’s creator end goal is to bring people closer together, drive them to improve their relationships and give them a taste for life. To the French aspiring-producer, there was no better way than through music.  

Vincent Zirah

Vincent Zirah’s tunes are then a direct response to his hopes, specially crafted to get one step closer to that imagined bright future and to become your new favorite track of the season along the way. The evidence of it is literally everywhere within his first single. Entitled “Better Mood,” his recent release clearly strives to live up to its name. It’s pop-y and festive. 

You can thank the beachy, danceable melody for that. It isn’t anything particularly technical, built off a simple tune the French entrepreneur found himself whistling one day (funnily enough, the whistle in its original form has actually made a home at the tail end of the track), but it’s super effective. No one can possibly remain in bad spirits when “Better Mood” starts pumping through the speakers. It’s just a song that forces you to grab a partner and get on the dancefloor, something the song’s musician takes great pride in. However, the song’s addictiveness and sunny vibes aren’t purely the result of one thing. It’s the totality of the track and its variety of instruments that really make it something special and uniting. Every aspect of “Better Mood” builds it up to what it is. Making “Better Mood” was no small challenge especially considering Vincent Zirah’s self-imposed week-long development time. Still, he ended up acing it, developing a new piece of music that will gather people of all types together for many years to come.