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Press Release

Vector Is Out With “Vibes Before TESLIM” EP

Vector tha Viper
Photo Submitted by Artiste

We all grope in the dark until we figure out who we really are and as we fumble and stagger through it, we learn, and we grow. The EP “Vibes before TESLIM” is a musical memoir. It tells a tale of the different paths Vector traversed before he found himself. With this body of work, he intends to live true to his name – Vector.

With words, he transmits inspiration to those on the journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. There are 10 different narratives on this album and each one has a different theme and is represented with a different color.

The artwork illustrates all the themes Vector encountered on his journey to self-discovery which was illustrated with the ink colors dripping from his hand, those colors represented in the background of the character.

Pain & Depression (Black)
Women & Sex (Red)
Adoration (Wine)
Drugs & Friends (Green)
Fake Hype & Exposure (Gold)
Self-Pride (Silver)
Fun (Sunset Yellow)
Time (Grey)
Hope (Purple)
Fear (Blue)



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