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Uncle Waffles Announces “An Asylum of Solace”, the Sequel to “Asylum”

Uncle Waffles

Uncle Waffles‘ journey has been an awe to the whole world. She debuted in 2022 after the pandemic, and her first song was an instant hit, even going on to go 7x Platinum in South Africa. The same year, she dropped her EP. But her real journey began with her debut album, Asylum, in 2023.

As a sequel to that, she has teased a new album as a follow-up to the previous album. This album is a two-faced one, titled An Asylum of Solace.

According to the explanation Uncle Waffles gave on her Instagram, the two distinct parts of the album are represented by Asylum and Solace. 

Asylum stands for the chaos she felt blending into the limelight and her newfound fame. As we all know, her ascension to the top was almost instant, which had a large probability of being startling. Finding a way to grapple with it would be challenging. She stated that on some days she felt like drowning, and felt trapped in her overwhelming success.

On the other hand, Solace, according to her, was the grace that followed her throughout the way, the force that held her up from drowning, the comfort she found throughout the confusion. Something that reminded her that this journey was particularly made for her.

The album is a very conscious one, where every detail is intentional. We can only stay tuned and expect the wonders Uncle Waffles has in store.



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