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Tonero Releases His 2023 Debut Single Titled ‘Enemy’


Nigerian musician Tonero is out with his 2023 debut song, ‘Enemy’.

The single speaks to the struggles of being in a dark place and finding catharsis through the process of recording the song. Tonero hopes this song will inspire anyone going through a similar situation to find the strength to overcome their struggles and move forward.

“Enemy” is a raw and emotional journey through his personal struggles and the cathartic experience of putting those feelings into music. The lyrics are deeply personal and relatable, capturing the feeling of being lost and struggling to find hope. 

“Enemy” is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always a way out and a path toward healing. Tonero encourages anyone going through a tough time to remember that they are not alone and that the light they seek is just around the corner. 

Stream ‘Enemy’ below: