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Tobiah Frei Makes Impression with Music Video for New Single “Talk Nice”.

Tobiah Frei

Emerging UK based singer/songwriter and producer – Tobiah Frei is not resting on his laurels and is ready to take 2020 by storm with the release of all-new single “Talk Nice”.

Tobiah who is of Nigerian descent honed his talent as a teenager by playing around with music programs on his first-ever laptop is now set to conquer the world with his music.

“I started out as a producer when I was 16 but shortly after I discovered my love for writing songs as well and thus began my musical journey as a singer, songwriter, and producer or as I like to call it; a triple-threat.”

Speaking to about his unique sound and musical influences he said: “I call my sound Afrochill. Afrochill is a style/sub-genre, birthed from the Fusion of Afrobeats and Alternative modern R&B. These are my two major influences in music. It is chilled, smooth but also both vibrant and dark.”

Through his music Tobiah seeks to open, honest discussions about the vulnerabilities of love and lust, the importance of self-love and staying true to one’s self. A theme that is consistent with his latest release dubbed “Talk Nice”. “Talk Nice” is chilled, smooth but also both vibrant and dark.

The complementary crisp visuals shot and directed by Mudiwa Dzino of Loqufilms, is predominantly set in an incandescent lit room, capturing multiple scenes of Tobiah serenading his love interest.

Watch “Talk Nice” below:




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