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Swizz Beatz Explains The Plans He Has For DMX’s Vault of Unreleased Music

Swizz Beatz & DMX

American Record Producer Swizz Beatz talks about his plans for DMX’s vault of unreleased music.

Following the death of legendary hip-hop artiste DMX, a posthumous album titled ‘Exodus’ was released in his honor. The album isn’t doing so well on the charts due to a lack of promotion.

In a recent interview, Swizz Beatz explained why he has decided not to release the vault of DMX’s unreleased music.

DMX’s final album ‘Exodus’ was released on May 28 2021 after his death on April 9 2021 at the age of 50. It was his reunion with Def Jam Records after many years apart. The Album was produced by Swizz Beatz. The two shared an amazing professional and genuine relationship. They worked together on Ruff Ryders Anthem, Money Cash H*oes, Party Up, We In Here and many others.

Swiss Beatz & DMX

Swizz Beatz has refused to release the rest of the unreleased music of Earl Simmons (DMX) he has in his vault.

In an interview at The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy asked Swizz about the number of songs that DMX never released for the listeners.

Swizz Beatz responded saying:

We got a lot of music; he got a lot of music

Swizz Beatz

He then added that he’s been asked that same question by lots of people. He talked about how hard DMX worked on Exodus and that he prefers not to tamper with things or put anything out unless it could top that record.

He also revealed that the whole recording process was shot on camera and instead of just putting it out to promote the album, he plans on doing ‘something masterful with it.’

Swizz expects the world to curate DMX’s content and that his story should be told in a way that feels real.

A lot of people got footage on Dog, and everybody out there that got the footage, just curate. Just think about the legacy and not just put something out just to say you have it.

Swizz Beatz

Stream DMX’s ‘Exodus’ below:

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