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Rema’s Top 20 International Collaborations

Rema's Top 20 International Collaborations

Within the dynamic landscape of modern music, Rema emerges not just as an artiste but as a visionary, effortlessly navigating the intersections of diverse musical genres. His innate talent transcends boundaries, seamlessly weaving together sounds from across the globe. Rema’s journey is marked by groundbreaking collaborations that redefine the essence of international music fusion. From chart-topping singles to groundbreaking projects, Rema’s international collaborations represent a convergence of cultures and sounds, enriching the global music scene. Join us as we delve into 20 of Rema’s best international collaborations.

1. DJDS — Simple things (ft. Tory Lanez & Rema)

In 2020, the American production and DJ duo DJDS collaborated with Nigerian artiste Rema for the first time, having previously worked with Burna Boy in 2019 on a surprise 4-song EP called Steel & Copper. This time, they also included Tory Lanez, creating a track that blends electronic music seamlessly. Rema’s vocals perfectly match Tory Lanez’s verse, enhancing the track’s energetic and electronic vibe.

2. Feid & Rema — Bubalu

In this single, the famous Colombian reggaeton artiste Fied teamed up with Rema, combining their different musical styles seamlessly. Their collaboration highlights a fantastic harmony, especially in how they sing the chorus, sounding perfectly in sync. Their smooth teamwork adds a lot to the song’s excellence, making it an engaging and unforgettable musical journey.

3. Rema & Yseult — Wine

Yseult and Rema crafted a dreamy and euphoric experience with their collaboration on Rema’s “Rave & Roses” album. This song celebrates the beautiful essence of a woman, and the smooth blend of French and African influences adds a delightful touch. The synergy between the two artistes is seamlessly woven into this track, creating a captivating and unforgettable musical journey.

4. Rema & Chris Brown — Time N Affection

Chris Brown has explored the Afrobeats genre, and one notable example is this collaboration with Rema. In this track, with vibes typical of Chris Brown, the synergy between the two artistes was clear, and Rema gave an outstanding performance, standing out alongside the international superstar. This collaboration shows the cross-cultural appeal and versatility of both artistes.

5. Rema — FYN (ft. AJ Tracey)

This collaboration between Rema and UK rapper AJ Tracey, was released ahead of Rema’s debut “Rave & Roses” album. It features both artistes giving their all, showcasing their styles and lyrical skills. Rema’s talent for fitting in with the UK rap scene, as seen before, shines through once more in this track.

6. JAE5 — Dimension (FT. Rema & Skepta) 

The collaboration between Rema and Skepta on this song was indeed unexpected, but when it came to fruition, it proved to be nothing short of spectacular. With the musical composition orchestrated by JAE5, the synergy between these two exceptional artistes stands as an elite collaboration bridging the realms of Nigeria and the UK.

7. Thutmose & Rema — Love in the Morning

In the early stages of Rema’s career, he collaborated with Nigerian-based American rapper Thutmose. This collaboration resulted in a single that preceded Thutmose’s EP shortly thereafter. Notably, this single marked one of Rema’s earliest collaborative efforts and has since become a classic in his discography.

8. Manny Norté, 6LACK, Rema & Tion Wayne — 4AM

In many instances, a tried and tested formula that has consistently worked is to have Rema handle the chorus and contribute a verse. This approach has become somewhat of a routine, and it consistently yields impressive results. Even in the earlier stages of his career when he was still establishing his presence in the industry, Rema consistently delivered top-notch performances on songs like this one, showcasing his immense talent and potential.

9. Gerilson Insrael & Rema — Dance

This international collaboration between Rema from Nigeria and Gerilson Insrael from Angola/Cape Verde has become a major hit. Rema’s performance in this collaboration is outstanding, delivered in a calm and collected manner that connects with the audience. Meanwhile, Gerilson’s impressive delivery in his native language brings a unique and captivating aspect to the collaboration, resulting in a seamless and impressive blend of talents from different parts of Africa.

10. Dadju & Rema — One Time

On “One Time,” a track from Dadju’s 2022 album “Cullinan,” he teamed up with Rema for a captivating collaboration. Produced by Kel-P, the song provided an ideal setting for Dadju and Rema to effortlessly flow with the rhythm, resulting in a smooth and captivating musical journey. Their innate chemistry on the track enhanced its appeal, making it a standout piece on the album.

11. Stormzy — Hide & Seek Rema Remix

Stormzy’s influential single “Hide & Seek” received an impressive remix by Finito and Niphkeys, featuring Rema. This reinterpretation saw a notable change as the beats were adapted to incorporate an Amapiano-style rhythm, blending seamlessly with an African vibe. The outcome is a remix that not only honors the original track but also showcases creative innovation in merging diverse musical elements.

12. Rema & Justine Skye — Twisted Fantasy

In 2021, as part of her album preparation, Justine Skye teamed up with Rema for a pre-released single. They also released a music video that captured the whole experience wonderfully. With Timbaland as the executive producer, the track quickly became popular worldwide. The collaboration between Justine Skye and Rema, along with Timbaland’s expertise, created a musical masterpiece that made a lasting impression.

13. Mahalia — Roadside (+234 remix) ft. Rema & Ayra Starr

Mahalia’s hit single, “Roadside,” received a significant boost when she decided to create a Nigerian remix, bringing two elite Mavin prodigies into the mix: Ayra Starr and Rema. Rema’s contribution to the remix was nothing short of legendary, as he skillfully conveyed the male perspective on a song that revolves around the theme of heartbreak. His performance added a unique dimension to the track, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and impactful artiste.

14. Ice Spice & Rema— Pretty Girl

On “Pretty Girl,” Rema collaborated with American rap sensation, Ice Spice. The song was teased in a snippet video prior to its release, which built anticipation among fans. When the full song dropped, Rema seamlessly adapted to the track’s style, delivering a flawless performance that perfectly matched the song’s vibe. This collaboration showcases Rema’s ability to effortlessly blend his artistry with diverse musical genres and artistes from around the world.

15. Bad Gyal & Rema — 44

On Bad Gyal’s 2021 album “Warm Up,” Rema was featured on “44.” Rema’s collaboration on this track highlighted his remarkable versatility. He started his verse in Spanish, demonstrating his multilingual skills, before smoothly switching to English. This seamless transition between languages showcased Rema’s ability to embrace diverse musical elements and deliver an outstanding performance.

16. FKA Twigs — Jealousy (ft. Rema) 

The collaboration between these talented artistes made a strong impression, as they worked together smoothly on this single from FKA Twigs’ “CAPRISONGS” album. They handled the chorus skillfully, adding harmonious background vocals and adlibs interchangeably. Their chemistry was evident, resulting in a smooth and impactful musical collaboration that connected with listeners.

17. Rema & Rvssian — Beamer (Bad Boys) Rvssian

On this classic single by Rema, he teamed up with Jamaican record producer Rvssian. The song features a simple yet catchy beat, enhanced by skillful guitar arrangements. The standout element of the track is the catchy refrain, “I like bad boys like you,” which adds to its appeal and makes it a standout piece.

18. Bob Marley & The Wailers — Them Belly Full (ft. Rema & Skip Marley)

As a heartwarming tribute, African stars collaborated to reimagine some of Bob Marley’s classic songs, giving birth to the album “Africa Unite.” Particularly on the track “Them Belly Full,” Rema delivers a stellar performance, giving the song a modern twist. Joining Rema is Skip Marley, Bob Marley’s grandson, creating a meaningful connection across generations and honoring the legacy of the song in a perfect tribute.

19. Stany — Only You (ft. Rema & Offset) 

The French DJ and producer, Stany, orchestrated a fantastic collaboration by bringing Rema and Offset together for this hit song. Notably, it was Rema and Offset’s first time working together, but what sets it apart is how well they blended their distinct styles. The synergy between the two artistes created a musical fusion that truly shines.

20. Rema & Selena Gomez — Calm Down

The remix of “Calm Down” featuring Selena Gomez is a track that requires little introduction, having already made its mark in the music scene. This monumental Afrobeats hit emerged from a collaboration that transcended borders, with Rema serving as a driving force behind its creation. With her unique vocals and supportive fanbase, Selena Gomez injected vitality and flair into the remix, elevating it to new heights of musical excellence.


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