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Nova Rose’s New EP ‘Loved By’ is an Uplifting Body of Work

Nova Rose

If this is your first time listening to Nova Rose, it’s definitely a great place to start with her new EP ‘Loved By’.

The Montreal musician spreads cheerful messages on this body of work, giving us a sense of hope and assurance to get through trying times. This EP is friendly and familiar, making use of soothing melodies and uplifting choruses to create a calm and comforting mood from start to finish.

By the time Nova graduated from university, she was writing songs with artistes from around the world, performing at different venues throughout Canada and reached the #1 spot on Quebec radio stations with her modern pop sounds. Nova Rose’s music is centered around the evolution of a new generation in a world that sometimes makes them feel isolated and serves as an escape.

Nova Rose

On ‘Loved By‘, Nova Rose continues to shine a light on the importance of mental health. She assures listeners that it’s okay not to be okay and reminds us that even when the going gets tough, we are all loved by somebody.

 Stream “Loved By” by Nova Rose below: