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Nana Mitch Makes International Debut on Johnny Walker & Trace Africa’s Keep Walking: Africa Top 30

Nana Mitch

Nana Mitch’s high work rate sees him break into “Africa’s Next-Gen Cultural Shapeshifters,” as announced by Johnny Walker and Trace Africa’s innovative new initiative, Keep Walking: Africa Top 30 list.

What a time the fast-rising social media star keeps having: he’s firing on all cylinders. Just two years ago, when the pandemic hit, he was more of an average Joe and less of the star he is now – at least, till he discovered Snap Inc’s Lens Studio. He quickly sought to personalize Ghana’s lackluster Snapchat experience next and announced himself to all as Nana Mitch.

Today, not only does he have the most viewed creations as fit for a Ghanaian Lens Studio whiz of his caliber, but he has also become one of the country’s potent content creators and springboard for its many brands courtesy of his growing list of ambassadorial deals and exposure to West African celebs like Sister Deborah, Dorathy, Eniola Badmus, Don Jazzy, etc., making him an obvious bet for the hot new list.

Including only two Ghanaians, the extensive new list of thirty took two months of rigorous searching to compile, with top talent managers and industry tastemakers across the continent helping identify artists and creatives alike from Côte d’Ivoire to Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Cameroon, Gabon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa.

Nana Mitch - Johnnie Walker

Sharing his thoughts on the new development, Nana Mitch said: “This recognition renews my hope as a young African creative; regardless of where you find yourself keep striving; work towards improving your craft and don’t be hesitant to try new things! Creativity is a big part of my everyday expression: it comes naturally to me, so I’m honored to have made such a big platform by just doing me. If you haven’t joined the walk, now is the time. I’ve already started mine!”

An innovative new initiative from a partnership between Johnny Walker and Trace Africa, Keep Walking: Africa 30 seeks to identify a definitive list of thirty pan-African cultural shapeshifters, highlighting the continent’s most promising youngsters across music and the arts: film, fashion, and media – the latter being the category in which Nana Mitch is a recipient. It’s an initiative to help give Africa’s creative economy a boost one that will be worth $20bn in the years ahead – at a time when African culture is
having its voice heard around the world!

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