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Almighty Trei’s Debut Single for 2020 is “Too Much”

almighty trei

Ground Up associate Almighty Trei’s debut single for 2020 entitled “Too Much” is set to bring the musical roof down.

The highly anticipated single features and was produced by one of Ghana’s hottest artists at the moment, “Wiase Y3 D3” and “Amanfuor Girls” hitmaker, Quamina MP, it is only right to expect nothing but an exciting lyrical and musical experience, not to mention a beat that leaves the listener no choice but to dance or sing along.

This song reiterates the idea of a person who is “too much” in the sense that the person is charming, mesmerizing, and satisfies needs, amongst other things. Almighty Trei and Quamina MP wrote this song. 

In the words Trei, “this song could prove to be a life-changing experience for me as well as the listeners.” Quamina Mp also topped this by saying, “The song is fantastic and has the potential to cause damage.”

Listen to “Too Much” here:




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