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Moyka Copes With The Aftermath of Breakup In New Song ‘December (I Never Learn)’


Norwegian Indie-pop singer-songwriter Monika Engeseth popularly known as Moyka is out with December (I Never Learn), a new single from her impending debut album “The Revelations of Love” scheduled for release in August 2021.

The self-proclaimed Norwegian Pop Witch, Moyka started writing music when she was 10 years old. Growing up in a city located in Hallingdal Valley (eastern Norway), he got the inspiration to begin writing when a close friend of hers had to move away. Her first attempt at a professional music career was in 2019 in the form of a 5-track EP titled ‘Circles’. She later followed with her sophomore EP ‘Spaces’ in 2020. 

Moyka started releasing songs under the European record label Made Records in 2019. She later signed with the Stockholm and Los Angeles-based record label SNAFU Records in 2021. Solitude, letting go and soul-searching seem to be the central theme of Moyka’s sound.


In her quest to find out what love is all about, Moyka has steadily grown an active fanbase. She currently has a following of over 7,000 people on Instagram. “December (I Never Learn)” happens to be her third release of the year, a follow-up on the double-sided single “Stay” and “As Long As You’re Here (ALAYAH)” and “I Don’t Wanna Hold On

Moyka’s new song “December (I Never Learn)” serves as a reminder to the 24-year old that true love is accompanied with pain, a pain she admits she is willing to endure to keep her sanity. 

December (I Never Learn)” is kind of a reminder to myself that true love hurts really bad. But I’m a person who has to go through it all. I have to live through it and dive deep, that’s how I know it’s real.


On this new groovy pop song, we see the singer place her vocals on an upbeat club instrumental as she sings about coping with the aftermath of a breakup. “The video for December is based on textures and different symbols. The grapefruit symbolizes the bitterness in the song. “The wave hit so hard, did you already forget it?” – is only a thing a bitter person would say. But using grapefruit as a symbol gives it different meanings. It’s also empowering to embrace all the feelings of love. That’s why I’m eating the grapefruit on the cover artwork.” 

Stream “December (I Never Learn)” by Moyka below:

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