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Mohtinii’s Debut EP “God’s Grace” Is Inspired By Faith


Introducing Mohtinii, the rising Nigerian artiste making waves with his debut project “God’s Grace”.

Born out of adversity but fueled by unwavering faith, Mohtinii’s journey to this project was marked by financial struggles and a deep spiritual transformation. Recording tracks in a London apartment within mere hours, he poured his heart and soul into this 6-track project, drawing inspiration from his roots in the streets of Akute village.

“God’s Grace” is an energetic display of Afrobeats, blending traditional African sounds with catchy hooks. Collaborating with producers like Shocker Beat and Yung Pro, the artiste delivers a captivating homage to his roots.

With sincere dedication to God, his mother, and his fans, this body of work embodies resilience and positivity. “To my fans on the street don’t relent, keep a positive mind, and find yourself. God is the Greatest, trust in the universe and it will provide what you need at the right time”.

With songs like “Oluwa Wa” the singer’s music embodies his strong ties to his community and his dedication to authenticity. Fans can track his journey on Instagram, witnessing the growth of a genuinely unique artist.




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