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5 Common Mistakes Artists Make Online

mistakes artists make online

We all make mistakes, but some of the mistakes I notice most independent music artiste make online today are almost unforgivable!

In this article, I will discuss five of the most costly mistakes most independent music artistes make online today.

1. Not Having a Website.

There is no excuse for not having a well-designed website as an artist in this day and age. Ask yourself… how can you stand out when you have no control over what the internet says about you?

2. Not Building An Email List.

This is one of the biggest mistakes artists make online today. Building a solid email list is one of the most efficient tools in providing exclusive content to blogs/media outlets and also connecting with die-hard-fans.

3. Being “In Sales Only” Mode.

Focus less on being so transactional and more on building a solid long-term brand and an organic relationship with your audience/fanbase. A solid fanbase can eventually be converted to revenue. Relax and play the “long-game”.

4. No Marketing Roadmap.

Each release requires a promotional and marketing strategy. Create a post-release and pre-release strategy to help you get the optimum reach with your music. Take time to prepare a solid PR strategy before releasing your music. Send press pitches over to blogs, YouTube channels, and other promotional platforms. Also develop compelling promotional content for your releases by way of song artwork, promotional videos, gifs, memes, etc.

5. Without Consistency Comes Staggered Results.

This is a big buzz killer. Often artistes develop momentum over time but fail to capitalize on it during to a lack of consistency. In this new age, where your audience has a short attention span, if you aren’t constantly posting your audience will quickly forget about you. Engage your audience daily and schedule regular intervals within which you release music.

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