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Martyn Chika Makes an Impression with New EP ‘Paper Planes’

martyn chika

Nigerian Rapper, and Singer-Songwriter Martyn Chika, makes waves in the music industry with his newly released EP ‘Paper Planes’.

The artist surprised fans by releasing a 6-track teaser from his upcoming trilogy release of the same name. The ‘Paper Planes’ trilogy will be a 3-part project with a total of 21 songs, which is set to be released within the next few months. 

Dubbed the ‘Lyrical Lion’, the 25-year-old Lagos-born rapper, shows off his lyrical prowess and musicality as he tells the story of his life and his experiences. The EP, produced by Evan Beatz, is a diverse body of work that tells a coming of age story and gives listeners insight into the musician’s mind and history. With influences like Drake, Jay Z, and Rick Ross, It’s unsurprising that the rapper is able to pack depth, lyricism, and musicality into each track.

The rapper commented “the songs on the trilogy are based on experiences and ideas I’ve had for a long time, but I’ve been unable to properly share. The Paper Planes Trilogy is about finally letting them go into the world. It’s very diverse and shows different aspects of my personality, so I really think that there’s something for everyone on the project.”

With his clean delivery, lyrical depth, and superior rhythmic abilities, Martyn is set to make his mark and take the music industry by storm.

Listen to the ‘Paper Planes’ EP here




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