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Discover the Dynamic Sound of Madison Hughes With Her New Release “Easy Way”

Madison Hughes
Photo of Madison Hughes courtesy of Artiste

Rising American singer/songwriter Madison Hughes unveils a brand new single ‘Easy Way’. 

Madison Hughes is a spirited singer/songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida. The 24-year old who is still discovering her sound kicked off her solo music career in primary school after taking guitar lessons and performing “Wild Thing” at a fifth-grade talent show. Madison uses her naturally alluring, warm and soothing voice to give her listeners a sweet-escape.

Songwriting started for Madison after she got into Florida State University. Due to her many travels, Madison got acquainted with a lot of new cultures and sonic elements which she incorporates into her sound. Madison has a diverse list of musical influences—Norah Jones, Jackson Browne, John Mayer, Post Malone, and Drake— this has immensely contributed to her versatility and very dynamic sound.

Madison Hughes
Photo of Madison Hughes courtesy of Artiste

I had the pleasure of speaking with Madison concerning her latest release “Easy Way” and plans for the future:

What was the story behind “Easy Way”?

I like writing about meaningful themes rather than shallow ones…I like singing about themes that inspire me, and not taking the “easy way” has always been a saying I stand by. I was watching this film, The Kid Who Would Be King, on an airplane a couple years ago, and in the film the character, Merlin, says “the most worthwhile path…is seldom the easiest.” That sentiment stuck with me from that moment on. I want listeners to leave feeling inspired and motivated about their life when they put their mind to something. I record everything in my bedroom, here in Florida, at a small desk with no proper studio set up. Just a microphone, interface, and a MacBook! I started to write this song the same night we had company over…so you’ll hear in the intro of the song some background noise — I ended up keeping that take and not re-doing it because I was free-styling and the best takes always come when you’re not trying so hard! The instrumental was produced by DC-based musician, “Bunie The First,” and I met him while I was living in DC earlier this year. I asked him to send me some song ideas and he sent me this Afro-Fusion vibe, and I was obsessed with the track! I then got one of his friends, “Santaa,” to play guitar on it. The chorus goes, “I won’t take no easy way, no easy way, can’t stop now better seize the day.” The chorus came very naturally and flowed really well with the beat. I am so happy to release this song to the world, and I believe it will bring hope to all who hear in Jesus name!

What’s your happy place?

My happy place is spending time on any farm or a country backroad!

Madison Hughes
Photo of Madison Hughes courtesy of Artiste

Who are your favorite Afrobeat artistes?

I have recently been listening to Tobby Drillz, Mannywellz, and Burna Boy!

Should we expect more music before the year ends?

My next single drops in December! It’s a song written from the perspective of the main character in the film, The Notebook.

Easy Way is Madison’s 11th release of 2020. Prior to this, she dropped “Love & Honesty”, a Ruddy Suamino produced song she released with Ruddy Rodda earlier in October.

Listen to Easy Way by Madison Hughes below:

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!