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Kojo Trip & Skerie B4dmon Release Joint EP: “Fante Fante”

Skerie B4dmon and Kojo Trip
Skerie B4dmon and Kojo Trip courtesy of the artists

Fante Fante is a collaborative project by budding artists, Skerie B4dmon and Kojo Trip who both hail from Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana.

The project features a guest appearance from fellow collaborator and hometown affiliate Cousin Mauve.

The 6 track project touches on a number of issues both general and experience-specific from different perspectives blending pure fante vibes and exploring contemporary sounds to create a unique sonic experience.

Onfa me ho”, which is the intro to the tape features Cousin Mauve. “Onfa me ho” which translates to English as “I don’t care/it doesn’t bother me” is a true expression of the artists’ nonchalance towards things that are of very little relevance, giving preference to the hustle and bustle of life and life itself as a gift (What better way to kick-start?). The artists are heard expressing themselves on the subject from varying P.O.V’s.

Kojo Trip

The second song on the tape, “50%” is a blend of hiphop/trap vibes. On this song, the artists are heard rapping aout the grind and splitting dividends equally while addressing half- hearted and traitorous encounters they’ve had with people in general. A blend of melodies and distinctive fante flows is bound to have the listener hooked.

Just so you know”, track three is just pure chill vibes & yes, Skerie really is the type to put “20 on a whip”. “Ma me y3 nyinara oy3 sika”, affirms Skerie’s claims to putting in the work for his money and also being able to show out because of the money. Trip confirms this in his verse, adding the importance of going hard for what you want and keeping a cool head to get ahead. “Just so you know” seams the Fante and English flows, providing food for thought and giving off lo-fi chill vibes.

Any kind of relationship is complicated in one way or the other. Track four on the Fante Fante project is really “Complicated” in its uniqueness, delivery and subject-matter. The artists are heard speaking on what seems like the norm in most relationships. Heartbreak is basically the concept this song projects, in a completely unexpected manner. The melodies on
this song are captivating and relatable.

1 or 2” which is the fifth song on the project once again features Cousin Mauve. On this song, the artists are heard, singing and rapping over trap beats and preaching unity. Its common knowledge that a movement is harder to breakdown and bound to succeed when parties involved maintain a united front in all their dealings. On this song, they acknowledge their various struggles, coming to new understandings and acceptance of the concept of going far and going together than going fast and going alone, the perfect prelude leading up to the final song of the tape.

Skerie B4dmon

Sly” is the sixth and final song on the project with a very catchy and thought-provoking hook delivered in fante over boom-bap beats. The song sends listeners back to the intro, telling stories from personal experiences and relating real-life day-to-day experiences. Sly is the perfect conclusion to the tape. A blend of melodies and pure lyricism, the best way to end a much anticipated but unexpected project from two completely distinctive artists.

Fante Fante is a unique sonic experience providing the contributing artists with a platform to explore their creative abilities from production right down to its execution.

Fante Fante is bound to live up to expectations and is definitely a must-hear, the first of many collaborative projects to come from the artists. All songs were mixed and mastered by Skerie B4dmon at the Dreamlife Studios.

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Stay updated with the latest trends in Afrobeats and African music!