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King Six Presents: “Cut You Off” (Episode II)

King Six

Nigerian rapper King Six serves up “Cut You Off”, the second episode of his “King Six Presents” series.

The Nigerian music scene has a slow reception to rappers and artists of other genres that aren’t Afrobeat. However, King Six a Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter is doing something different, experimental perhaps but if it succeeds it could open a floodgate for new beginnings in the Nigerian music industry.

“King Six Presents”although consisting of 10 songs, is neither an Ep nor LP. It’s a series of random songs that cross over different genres and create different fusions amongst them. The sounds are that diverse and King Six either raps or sings his way through them with ease. Painting appealing lyrics, telling relatable stories, slinging conscious messages, and conjuring catchy vibes.

“Cut You Off”, was conceived during the sad and painful period while King Six was hospitalized from being shot in the face by armed robbers. Surviving a headshot was nothing short of a miracle but it came with heavy prices. He couldn’t talk as his mouth was wired shut, his face was a mess and he was abandoned by a lot of people. A record deal in the works was canceled and while you couldn’t blame the record label (who would sign an artist that couldn’t talk), King Six had close friends, close as brothers and sisters who never called or bothered to show up to the hospital. 

However, giving up was never an option as he knew he was destined for music. “You know fit kill person wey don die before” King six says.

He carried these emotions buried deep in his heart and while he says he’s not ready to do a full song that tells his pain. “Cut You Off” is chill with deep lyrics, that will have you rewinding the track to listen to the messages.

Listen to “Cut You Off” here:



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