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KayMad Releases An EP “For The Believers”


Welcoming a new year and decade at the peak opening of millennial youth, it is only right that we start with affirmations backed by faith in self and unshaken confidence. For The Believers is KayMad’s second body of work and is a Hip-Hop/Rap E.P hosting two songs. 

For The Believers is a tape I put together for those who have believed in me and shown me love and support from the start of my musical journey as well as the many who are yet to discover me. This tape is only to mark the start of a fruitful year and decade for KayMad and all Believers Universal

Originally inspired by Nyehe Ye Feo, a hit single by Ga-music trio, Kla La, this song is an Afro-Trap song dominated by trap drums and laced with the gong-gong on the hook, a native town crier’s instrument to say I Have Arrived and Conquered. The significance I seek to achieve with my sound, radicalizing the new age alternative music and coming out with my own unique sound made me name this song after the group because of their big break and alteration to the Ga music narrative in the mid 2000s. Doubling as my #Empawa30 submission, this song has proven to be an instant favorite and will definitely live up to its sound. 

If there’s a song that combines the confidence of an artist with all their drive in their craft, Dirty, clearly embodies the sound. Two perfectly crafted verses laid over a running bass trap instrumental and guaranteed to make you flip out on yourself and go crazy with the bop. This song features Suffer Dey Show rapper, Zachary, qualified for his unmatched pen game and composition style. 

Get “For The Believers” here:


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