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Joojo Addison Offers Thrilling New Single ‘Ba Jo’ with Amaarae

Joojo Addison

Joojo Addison is a very talented Ghanaian recording artist, songwriter, and poet. He stands out with his style of fashion and his unique voice, an instrument he is still learning to master. With his latest ‘Ba Jo‘, he combines forces with the mollifying voice of Amaarae.

With just a handful of released singles, Joojo Addison continues to cause a stir online with each release. Just a few hours after the release of ‘Ba Jo‘, there was an influx of reviews from a lot of people on twitter, many of which were quite positive and adulatory.

Ba Jo’ is a phrase which means ‘Come and Dance’ in Ga; a Ghanaian language spoken mainly in and around the capital city, Accra. It is an unshakeable, energetic groove with high-spirited lyrics. In Joojo’s own words, “Ba Jo is a song brewed from the ambiance of love and togetherness.”

Amaarae takes us on a nostalgic trip with her verse. She begins by riding on a sensual pop interpolation of ‘Barbie Girl’, the 1997 hit song by the Danish–Norwegian dance-pop groupAqua’. She is slowly becoming known for interpolating old classics in her verses. This is portrayed in her verse on ‘Happy Mistakes‘, Santi’s ‘Rapid Fire‘ and her recently released ‘Like it‘ song. I personally enjoyed the chemistry displayed by these two on the MikeMillzOnEm produced beat.

Dominated by Joojo Addison’s moving vocals, I can say ‘Ba Jo is a measured, mature offering, one that will delight fans and make it on to many playlists.




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