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Jonah Chukwu Orji Speaks On Futura Recordings and ‘Signing Real Quality’

Jonah Chukwu Oriji

Today we speak to Music entrepreneur Jonah Chukwu Orji to learn more about his new initiative, Futura Recordings and his plans for the music industry.

Futura Recordings is an innovative independent record label focused on the creation, production, recording, and distribution of recorded music and artiste label services company founded by Jonah Chukwu Orji And Chibuzo Madubuko. Futura Recordings is focused on scaling operations to meet the rapidly growing international demand for African music, growing its roster and strengthening its services across A&R, touring, marketing, distribution, publishing and partnerships.

1. Hello Jonah, tell us more about your new Futura Recordings.

Futura Recordings is not exclusively a record label, but instead, the label operates as a multi-media conglomerate. Futura Recordings signs artistes and also offers label services that are unmatched with top-notch quality, attention, creativity, and drive. The label leverages all of its power to get the absolute best for its artistes, protect their talent and authenticity and fulfill their wishes. The creativity, originality and attention to detail of Futura Recordings are what sets it apart from others. It serves as an incubator for rising talent.

2. What do you look for when signing new artistes to the Futura Recordings? 

We are constantly looking for artistes with extraordinary talent and from all walks of life who are driven to tell their story, deliver great music and pave their own lane in the music industry. Our key to success and the most important quality we seek when entering into a business relationship is for the artiste (and team) to view Futura Recordings as their extended family and a partner in their journey.

3. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt while operating Futura Recordings? 

Flexibility in the operation of the company and our business models are paramount. We must leave old habits behind and adapt to change quickly in order to provide the best service for our artistes.

Jonah Chukwu Oriji

4. Where do you see Futura Recordings 5 years from now…10 years from now? 20 years from now?! 

Our vision for the future is for Futura Recordings to become a Sub-Saharan music powerhouse and a leading player in the music industry; home to many global superstars and developing artistes alike. Our goal in the long-term is to expand our reach into new content verticals and technologies while always conserving our independent spirit.

At Futura Recordings, we just want to build a big, secure, artiste-friendly label, that people want to be a part of. We want to create a space for people to be undiluted versions of themselves.

I’m mainly excited about the music and building a team, culture and service that will develop artistes and help more people hear our output. Because despite all the important issues and challenges around this industry, that’s what it’s all about.

At Futura Recordings, we want to be around real talent. We want music that people are still playing years later, that changed people’s lives, and that changed the artiste’s life.

5. Ultimately, what do you want to achieve at Futura Recordings?

There are two main goals for the company: the best art, and everyone we work with being the best version of themselves. Especially our team. If we do that, we can’t lose.

6. What would you change about the music industry and why?

I feel like people need to give more time and resources to artistes at the beginning of their careers, in order to develop themselves without the pressure that comes with the deals and everything else.

More than ever, if an artiste doesn’t know who they are, what they want, what their projects look and feel like as well as what they sound like, and have that developed to a certain level, the industry eats them alive.

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