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Jarell Ebuka Announces Impending EP “Dancing In The Flame”

Jarell Ebuka

Jarell Ebuka, known as “The Man Who Brings Art To Life Through Music“, hails from Abuja, Nigeria.

Born Chukwuebuka Jarell Enujuba, Jarell is an Animator who also happens to be an independent singer/songwriter and record producer. He is set to release his second EP dubbed “Dancing In The Flame” on January 24, 2020. This is a follow up to his debut EP “Nights With Farida“.

Dancing In The Flame” centers around learning, growth, life, struggles, and insecurities Jarell Ebuka faces as a Nigerian indie artist in his 20’s. With this 6 track EP, Jarell draws from his inspiration in the likes of Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Lucky Dube, John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Tracy Chapman, to name a few. He has been quite experimentative since his 2015 EP which he made evident in “Dancing In The Flame” in the sense that no two songs sound the same but they all have the Jarell Ebuka sound.

So far, he has released two songs (“Your Daddy” and “Saved“) as lead singles. “Your Daddy“, a song that talks about how difficult it is to leave a toxic relationship, is an Afrobeat song with a poppy feel. “Saved“, a song recorded with a few instruments, is a battle cry. It has the same message as “The Fire”, a song yet to be released. “Saved” leaves a huge impact on the listener.

This E.P will be available on all digital streaming platforms on January 24, 2020. It is a complete body of work and we are eager for you guys to enjoy this amazing, well put together Extended Play.

Preorder here:




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