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J Molley Confirms Working With A Number of Musicians Outside South Africa

J Molley

Beloved 22-year old South African rapper J Molley confirms he has lots of projects in the works with a number of International Artists.

Even though the coronavirus is still in our midst and causing the halt of certain projects, luckily for musicians, the virus isn’t derailing their making of music. Even before the pandemic hit, musicians were able to get songs made without necessarily being in physical contact with their collaborating artists.

J Molley

J Molley and his manager Nav Albers have confirmed that they are working and will continue to work with international artists but won’t release any of the recorded tracks any time soon. Reason being that they’d want to roll out music videos for all the songs.

They named Ronny J as one of the producers we can expect a collaboration with but withheld the juicy details.

This is what Nav Albers, J Molley’s manager had to say:

It’s crazy how Ronny J hit up J Molley before we had any big feature on any of his tracks. Yes we do have International features, but no we won’t release them until we can fly to Nigeria, US & England & shoot videos & go the whole way with the songs. Would be a waste.

Nav Albers